Gwendlyn Brown says Robyn Brown chose to ‘keep her kids away’ from the other siblings

Robyn Brown Sister Wives Season 12 Polygamy 101
Robyn records a segment during the Season 12 special Polygamy 101. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown is opening up about her strained relationship with Robyn Brown’s daughters.

As part of a large, polygamous family with 17 siblings, Gwendlyn always had brothers and sisters around to spend time with.

That included Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage to David Jessop — Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna — whom Kody adopted in 2015.

However, Gwendlyn is speaking up about her relationship with Robyn’s daughters, Breanna and Aurora, and she says that Robyn made an effort to keep them away from the rest of the Brown siblings.

During her most recent Sister Wives recap, in which she gave commentary for Season 1 Episode 8, Gwendlyn answered some questions submitted by her YouTube subscribers.

One such question asked Gwendlyn how her “sweet and very close” childhood relationship with Aurora and Breanna, as seen during Season 1, has turned into one in which the sisters don’t even speak to each other.

According to Gwendlyn, it’s because Aurora and Breanna’s mom chose to keep them sheltered, so they weren’t able to spend more time with their siblings.

Gwendlyn Brown claims Robyn Brown chose to ‘keep her kids away’ from Kody’s other children

“So, Breanna and I weren’t actually that close initially – well, obviously, I mean like a little bit because we were all like little girls – but it was really more me and Aurora. I think it’s just Robyn has chosen to, from my perspective, keep her kids away from the rest of us,” Gwendlyn revealed.

The eleventh-born Brown child continued, “And it sucks, and I wish I had Aurora more in my life, but like she’s an adult now, and it’s her choice not to be in a relationship with me anymore.”

In addition to Breanna, Aurora, and Dayton, Robyn also shares two biological children with Kody: 11-year-old Solomon Kody and 7-year-old Ariella Mae. Additionally, Kody shares six biological children with Christine, six more with Janelle, and one with Meri.

Kody’s broken relationships with some of his children played out on Sister Wives

With 18 children, it wasn’t easy for Kody to split his time equally among all his kids. Sister Wives viewers have watched several of his relationships with his children suffer as a result.

Kody and Janelle’s sons, Garrison and Gabriel, infamously disagreed with their father’s ultra-strict coronavirus pandemic rules, resulting in major friction in their father-son relationships as fans of the show watched play out. In fact, Gwendlyn claimed that Janelle and Kody’s split resulted from his “hard” relationship with his kids, which she says was Janelle’s breaking point.

Christine admitted that her kids struggled to respect their father because he played “favorites” with his children, specifically his daughters.

During a confessional during an episode of Sister Wives, Christine told TLC’s cameras, “It’s hard for the girls to respect their dad when they see he has favorites. And they… they struggle with how apparent it is that he’s more comfortable at some houses than others.”

These days, the Brown family is more distant than ever. Kody and Robyn are still living together in Flagstaff with their five children; Meri has reportedly fled Flagstaff and moved back to Parowan, Utah, to live and work in her bed and breakfast; Christine is living her best life in Utah, where she’s planning her wedding to David Woolley; and Janelle is preparing to give RV life another go now that all of her children are grown up.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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