Gwendlyn Brown defends Robyn Brown against Sister Wives critics who deemed her a ‘homewrecker’

Robyn and Gwen TLC confessionals
Kody and Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn came to Robyn’s defense. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives viewers may have long accused Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, of being a homewrecker, but Gwendlyn Brown says the accusations were a bit harsh.

Gwendlyn has been sharing her feedback as she rewatches old episodes of Sister Wives.

On her YouTube channel, Gwendlyn recently watched Episodes 2 and 3 from Season 1 of Sister Wives.

In season 1, Sister Wives viewers were introduced to Robyn while she and Kody were still courting each other.

In one scene that Gwendlyn watched, Kody and Robyn gushed over each other, expressing their love as they prepared to get married.

Gwendlyn joked that watching her parents get mushy on screen was “disgusting” but noted that watching them sweet-talk each other was “adorable.”

“We’re seeing a lot more of Robyn,” Gwendlyn said of the clip. “I love so much that they’re like, introducing her in like a positive way, because like, the way that we’re seeing Robyn, the way we’re being introduced to her, we’re like… she’s so sweet.”

“Every scene, I’m like, ‘Wow, Robyn is so sweet. She’s a wonderful, angelic being,'” she continued.

But, as far as claims that Robyn was a homewrecker? Gwendlyn doesn’t feel that’s an accurate evaluation.

Gwendlyn Brown defends Robyn Brown: ‘I’m not seeing any homewrecker vibes’

“And initially, I heard people being like, ‘Oh, she’s like a homewrecker,’ and stuff. And so far in the second episode, I’m not seeing any homewrecker vibes,” Gwendlyn told her subscribers.

“She seems very nice. And I’m really excited about that. I’m really happy that they introduced her, like, in a good way…” Gwendlyn added.

Why would Sister Wives viewers have labeled Robyn a homewrecker? Was she really responsible for the breakup of the Brown family?

Sister Wives viewers have long accused Robyn of breaking up the family

When Robyn began courting Kody, he was already married to three other women: Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. Christine was pregnant with her and Kody’s daughter, Truely, at the time.

Technically, there was no infidelity on Kody’s part since he, Meri, Janelle, and Christine were part of a plural marriage. Kody had even sat down with all of his wives and kids, and they all agreed that Robyn would be a good addition to their super-sized family.

But yet, many Sister Wives viewers felt that Robyn took advantage of being Kody’s most recent, younger, and rumored-to-be favorite wife. Many have felt that it was Robyn’s plan all along to have Kody all to herself — and if that’s true, her plan worked like a charm.

Kody’s preference for wife number four really became evident during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kody spent the majority of his time at Robyn’s house and argued with Janelle and Christine, who didn’t agree with his outlandish protocols for the family.

Robyn went along with Kody’s ultra-strict rules, however, further fueling his affinity for her over the other three wives. Regardless of whether Robyn intended it or not, she’s now stuck with Kody and has him all to herself — lucky lady.

Christine jumped ship in 2021, followed by Janelle in 2022, and Meri in 2023. Christine relocated back to Utah, as did Meri, while Janelle is still living in Flagstaff, where Kody and Robyn reside with five of his 18 children.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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