Guardians of the Glades exclusive: Brittany gasps for her life and is pinned in a huge python’s grip

The frightening moment the snake knocked Brittany over and then proceeded to attack, it is wild footage! Pic credit: Discovery
The frightening moment the snake knocked Brittany over and then proceeded to attack, it is wild footage! Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s insane Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of an episode of Guardians of the Glades, we see this week Brittany Borges – one of Dusty Crum’s most trusted team members and a relative newcomer to the snake hunting world, is tangled up with a killer python.

That’s actually an understatement. Brittany is full-on pinned to the ground and completely immobilized by the huge snake and if the camera crew and Dusty hadn’t of been there, she could have died.

And this is on the heels of last week’s episode where Dusty Crum got bit not once but twice as he cornered an angry mama snake.

What happened to Brittany?

The clip opens with Brittany being filmed cornering a huge snake that turns on her and decides to focus its striking and strength position by coiling up in a circle. Brittany knows the striking distance is really long which limits her to trying to uncoil the beast by slapping and grabbing the outer rings of the snake pile. This goes very badly.

Hunting at what looks to be close to night with a flashlight, Brittany says: “This sucker is HUGE…no way, look how big! She’s big…wow, the striking distance on this is unbelievable. She’s too coiled up…I can’t get the head. Come on! Unravel…come on baby. I’m gonna go for the head. COME ON!”

And just like that the snake uses it’s leverage to wrap around her fast. It completely encases the petite snake hunter and coils quickly around her body like a pole in self-defense. You can hear Brittany gasping for air so you will not want to miss tonight’s episode AT ALL.

Who is Brittany Borges?

Brittany Borges is part of Team WildMan, Dusty’s professional nickname.

She grew up in the Florida outdoors, camping, hiking and hunting, with great thanks to a father who never told her she couldn’t because of her gender. Brittany is a fearless team member on Discovery’s hot new reality series.

And now, the grown sole female of his crew is a plumber and has her own handyman business in Naples, Florida.

But her enthusiasm for animals combined with her local “swamp girl” cred led to a life change after the rough break up of her 8-year marriage.

Read our exclusive interview with Brittany here!

A moment for medical warnings and some caution

Just in case you watch this show and you live in snake and python country and think this is a great way to earn extra money, think again. If a python snake bites you, or for any reticulated snake bite, the NIH has a handy medical reference article for you to read here.

As you can see by the clip, Brittany was fortunate to have people around her to pull the snake off her but alone she likely would have been asphyxiated to death. So please, never go into the woods or swamp alone, ever.

Guardians of the Glades exclusive preview:

Tune in Tuesday night to see all the action on Guardians of the Glades and make sure the team lead by Dusty Crum does not sustain any more injuries and if Brittany is going to be okay, Y’all.

Guardians of the Glades airs Tuesday at 10/9c on Discovery.

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