Greer Blitzer explains why she got no screen time on Bachelor in Paradise after going home

Greer Blitzer from Bachelor in Paradise
Greer Blitzer opened up after her Bachelor in Paradise elimination. Pic credit: @cheerio_greerio/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise is finally heating up — which is great news after The Golden Bachelor’s popularity seemed to eclipse the fan-favorite Bachelor Nation spinoff.

Week 2 had everything we needed — sexy singles, confusion about Hannah Brown’s arrival, and drama between two men.

We also saw brunette beauty Greer Blizter go home despite having a love interest on the beach.

The big problem was there were just way more men than women, so even those who seemed set to stay were at risk of leaving — and that’s exactly what happened.

Ultimately, Greer Blizter, Cat Wong, and Brooklyn Willie all went home, with Greer sobbing as she rode out in her limo.

Greer was first seen on Zach Shallcross’s season of The Bachelor, and while she got a bit of air time there, even coming back in an episode after her elimination to speak with him, she wasn’t seen much on Bachelor in Paradise.

Greer Blitzer asked why she was barely on-screen for Bachelor in Paradise

After her tearful exit played out on Bachelor in Paradise, Greer took to her Instagram Stories to answer fan questions in a Q&A session.

One question she received was, “What’s with the 2 seconds of screentime” followed by a laughing-crying emoji.

Greer responded with a photo of herself in a swimsuit and sunglasses with the caption, “I’m boring.”

Greer Blitzer from Bachelor in Paradise
Greer answers fan questions after Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @cheerio_greerio/Instagram

Whether or not Greer is boring is debatable. She was actually fun on the show for the short time she was on it but she definitely was limited in screen time, especially for Episode 2 because a lot of time was spent on Hannah Brown’s arrival, as she stirred up drama with some juicy questions for the singles.

Then, there was a near-fight between Peter and Aaron S. as they argued about Peter’s shady conversation with Sam.

Peter Cappio is still not winning friends in Bachelor Nation

It’s too bad Peter didn’t set his sights on Greer and keep her in Mexico.

Instead, he tried to pull Sam away from Aaron S., despite the two looking rather cozy together in a move that seemed like planned drama to be quite honest. After all, Peter was the only guy with a rose up for grabs, and he already had Brooklyn, Olivia, and Cat trying to win him over.

Then, when Aaron S. put Peter on pause so he could finish his conversation with Sam, Peter stepped back just far enough to still be in view of the camera while breakdancing and acting goofy on the beach in a very distracting manner.

When he got his chance to speak with Sam, Peter suggested she might want someone more mature (as in himself), and that quickly got back to Aaron S, resulting in a very tense moment when Peter was confronted about it.

Peter’s antics only help to solidify why the other men from Charity’s season of The Bachelorette took aim at him with their “FP” tags on Instagram, something that he wouldn’t have even known was aimed at him if it wasn’t for the even messier Brayden Bowers.

Now the drama is just beginning, and it looks like Bachelor in Paradise might actually give The Golden Bachelor a run for its money this season.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC,

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