Gold Rush: White Water exclusive: Dustin Hurt’s big rock moving nets gold nuggets

Dustin Hurt is watching as Carlos checks the dredge pans, and its a good day. Pic credit; Discovery.
Dustin Hurt is watching as Carlos checks the dredge pans, and its a good day. Pic credit; Discovery.

On tonight’s Gold Rush: White Water, we have a fascinating exclusive clip that shows exactly how hard the job is to get gold out of a freezing, rapidly moving creek.

The work is for the fit and those willing to submerge themselves into the icy waters, and also to brave the moving underwater walls of rocks and boulders as big as small cars to see where the gold may have settled.

It’s a game of hide-and-seek, where the payoff can be huge, and the risk is equally as big.

Our exclusive clip sees Dustin Hurt in full scuba diving gear as his team member Carlos Minor is at the comm controls above the waterline.

The men are planning to safely stack human-sized boulders in a wall formation in a bid to get to the elusive gold that lays beneath them. That’s what everyone is hoping for, anyway.

The equipment they use is a motorized winch and a large metal claw that holds on to the boulders as they arrange them.

Why is Dustin Hurt moving big rocks?

On a really good day, the removal of some of these enormous rocks reveals veins of gold and large fist-sized nuggets of gold.

Dustin knows for sure that physics is on his side, as well as gravity when it comes to the heavy gold ore that is filtered through and passed down the quickly moving body of water.

As the water pummels down through the rocks over time and carves a pathway, the gold sediment and bits of gold of all sizes settle in the crevices and underneath the large rocks, wedged in there until someone starts moving around the big rocks.

And tonight that someone is Dustin Hurt, son of Dakota Fred Hurt.

Gold Rush: White Water exclusive preview:

Watch as Carlos loses his mind when he and Dustin finish with the big rock removal for the day.

Carlos inspects the dredge sluicing pans and whoops and hollers with glee as Dustin, who is still working in the water, has come up and now watches him pick up a gold nugget the size of a fifty-cent piece.

It’s an exciting moment and brings home why these guys do what they do out there in the ice-cold creek.

Tune in tonight to see how his dad Dakota Fred is stacking up in the gold department as the two are in competition with each other this season:

Gold Rush: White Water airs on Fridays at 10 pm on Discovery Channel.

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