GoFundMe page created for Hazel Cagalitan to afford ‘lawyer’ and ‘therapist’ amid Tarik Myers split

90 Day Fiance star Hazel Cagalitan trying to raise funds on GoFundMe amid split from Tarik Myers
Hazel Cagalitan trying to raise cash on GoFundMe. Pic credit: TLC

The breakup between 90 Day Fiance stars Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan is getting messier than ever and we have a feeling the drama is only just beginning. The latest update is that Hazel now has a GoFundMe account created in her name to help with her divorce from Tarik.

The money raised from GoFundMe will also go toward helping Hazel’s mental health, which she has been struggling with due to the issues in her marriage.

The page was not created by Hazel herself, but by a man named Larry Carter who claimed to be very close to the reality TV beauty and refers to himself as her “friend/brother.”

They are hoping to raise $10,000 to help Hazel acquire a therapist and a good lawyer.

GoFundMe account created for Hazel Cagalitan

Following the revelation a few days ago that Hazel had left Tarik and was currently living in another state, things have taken a nasty turn.

Tarik was the one who revealed their split on social media and claimed that due to the demise of their marriage Hazel will be headed back to the Philippines. For now, however, Hazel is still in the U.S and searching for a good lawyer to help with her case but she has no money so a friend recently created the fundraiser on her behalf.

The page which has only racked up $135 of the $10,000 needed was created two days ago. The organizer of the page, Larry Carter resides in California but it’s not clear if he’s the person that the 90 Day Fiance star is currently living with.

Larry titled the GoFundMe page, “Support for Hazel’s mental health and Lawyer” and wrote “Hello, my name is Larry Carter. I am a very close friend/brother of Hazel Cagalitan.”

He continued, “Please help send support for former reality TV star of 90 Day Fiance Hazel Villaroya Myers in the healing process of her mental state in finding a good therapist and a good Lawyer.”

Hazel Cagalitan’s friend accuses Tarik Myers of mental and verbal abuse

The 90 Day Fiance star’s friend also made some serious claims against Tarik while sharing information about the fundraiser.

He claimed that Hazel needs the money because she “left an abusive relationship with her husband and was left with nothing.”

He continued, “Yes, she [has] her joint bank card but there’s no money on it…She has [fallen] into a deep depression after being mentally, emotionally, and verbally abused by her husband.”

“Please help by giving whatever you are able to and sharing this page and spreading the awareness that depression is real and your mental state is very important. Mental abuse has the same [effect] as physical abuse,” wrote Larry.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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2 years ago

Sad that people abuse the GoFundMe accounts. We ALL need something and don’t set these accounts up for things like this. Hopefully it will get shut down!

2 years ago

I hope people dont fall for this BS , a whole lot of people in the world with real problems

2 years ago

Please don’t fall for this bull sh*t, mental issues? She already had it coming here to marry a man but wanted a girlfriend? Grow the hell up, these people just want a green card and destroy the American men, you all better wake up. Don’t donate! Let her go back to the filipines to her son
What a shame. What is he supposed to do or feel when you tell him you want a girlfriend? Who needs help here? You messed him up. He needs help

2 years ago

Wowwww!!!! WHAT AN OBVIOYS AND DEVIOUS SCHEME!!!!! Maybe you should stop showing to the world esp your friends how much fun you’re having with your current man!!!!