Ginger Zee and husband Ben Aaron spark rumors she’s expecting third child

Ginger Zee up close
Ginger Zee has followers wondering if she is expecting. Pic credit: © Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Good Morning America chief meteorologist Ginger Zee had some fun with her fans after her husband, Ben Aaron, stirred up some gossip on social media.

On the heels of a much-needed break from delivering weather forecasts to GMA viewers, Ginger is back at it, this time following Hurricane Idalia.

Ginger has been covering the storm daily, traveling with her crew to bring GMA viewers the latest updates on the Category 3 hurricane.

The 42-year-old beloved TV personality is understandably tired, and her fans took notice.

Taking to her Instagram feed, Ginger addressed the influx of comments she’s received this week from fans who pointed out how exhausted she appears.

Ginger recorded herself inside her car, clad in a purple t-shirt and a blue ABC News hat, and shared a screenshot of some of the comments from well-meaning fans.

Ginger Zee addresses GMA fans who noticed how tired she’s been lately covering Hurrican Idalia

In the caption of her post, which was very appropriately set to The Beatles’ tune, I’m So Tired – she wrote, “‘You look so tired!’ Says everyone on my last post lol… yeah, hurricanes aren’t a place we get a lot of rest. Going on bike 12 if broadcasting, it’s hot, tons of platforms and I’ll sleep next year. I love it 🙌😉”

Many of Ginger’s 1.1 million Instagram followers showed their support in the comments section, calling out those who stated the obvious.

Also joining in on the action was Ginger’s husband, Ben Aaron, who had a little bit of fun stirring the pot with his comment.

Ginger’s husband, Ben, instigates pregnancy talk

“Are you pregnant?” he teased.

Ginger played along with her husband’s antics and replied, “@benaarontv I wish! Let’s make it happen.”

ginger zee's husband ben aaron commented about pregnancy on her instagram post
Ginger’s husband, WNBC personality Ben Aaron, sparked pregnancy rumors with his Instagram comment. Pic credit: @ginger_zee/Instagram

Ginger and Ben, real names Ginger and Ben Colonomos, are parents to two sons, Adrian, 7, and Miles, 5.

Ginger announced her second pregnancy on air during her GMA segment

While pregnant with her secondborn son, Miles, in 2017, Ginger announced her pregnancy on air in a witty weather segment.

As seen in the tweet below, Ginger stood next to a circle on the map and then motioned the shape of a baby bump with her hands in front of her midsection.

“In the southwest, right about here,” Ginger said as she formed the outline of a pregnant belly before moving to the opposite end of the screen and doing the same.

“And then this area, right about here, is going to have a shadow from my belly because I’m pregnant!” she announced, garnering applause from the studio.

Good Morning America airs at 7/6c on ABC.

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