Giannina Gibelli documents her hair transformation over the last four years 

Giannina Gibelli
Giannina Gibelli is still going strong with Blake Horstmann. Pic credit: @gianninagibelli/Instagram

Giannina Gibelli developed a large social media following after her reality television appearance on Netflix’s hit show Love Is Blind. 

Currently, the reality star boasts two million followers on Instagram. 

Along with Love Is Blind, Giannina also returned to the spotlight through her relationship with her boyfriend and Bachelor Nation star Blake Horstmann. 

Recently, Giannina shared a transformative video with her millions of followers. 

In the video, Giannina highlighted her several hairstyles over the years. 

Viewers weighed in with their favorite looks that Giannina has rocked in the past four years. 

Giannina Gibelli rocks several hairstyles 

Giannina Gibelli took to Instagram to share a video of her hair transformation.

The video began with Giannina rocking her current brunette locks as she moved her head to the music. 

Text over the video read, “watch my hair transform over the past 4 years.” 

The video then went backward in documenting her hair, starting with her current style in 2022. 

Photos from 2021 saw Giannina rocking similarly long dark brown hair, except she framed her face with blonde highlights. 

In 2020, Giannina was a full blonde as she posed in a scarf and rocked a side part. 

Giannina’s hair was shorter in 2019 as she shared a photo of herself smiling with ashy blonde locks that hung just below her shoulders. 

Giannina’s hair in 2018 looked similar to how she wore it when many fans were introduced to her on Love Is Blind.

The reality star beauty wore her hair long, full, and light blonde with darker roots four years ago.

Giannina Gibelli’s friends and fans love her various hairstyles 

Giannina encouraged fan engagement in her post’s caption, “which is your fave?” 

Different followers loved different looks, but many agreed that Giannina looked stunning in every style. 

Love is Blind star Natalie Lee wrote, “wait why does your hair look so good in all of these!!!” 

A fan of the darker locks wrote, “Brunette all the way,” while a fan of the blonde commented, “the blonde was such a LOOK.” 

A commenter expressed, “Gorgeous queen in all of them.” 

Giannina Gibelli's comments
Pic credit: @gianninagibelli/Instagram

It remains to be seen what new hair color and style Giannina may try next as she continues to turn up the heat in her relationship with BIP’s Blake Horstmann. 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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