Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann poke fun at their reality show stints for Halloween

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann
Reality star couple Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann pay homage to their time on reality television. Pic credit: @gianninagibelli/Instagram

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann got creative with their amusing Halloween costumes this year.

The couple not only has reality television experience in common, but they also know what it’s like to be broken up with on television. 

Both Blake and Giannina had emotional splits caught on camera on The Bachelorette and Love is Blind, respectively. 

This year for Halloween, Blake and Giannina dressed as one another during their dramatic television breakups. 

The pair didn’t just get dressed up; they also filmed skits reenacting memorable moments from their time on reality television. 

The costumes were a big hit with their friends and fans as the two proved they knew how to laugh at themselves. 

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann act like each other in comedic costumes 

Blake took to Instagram to share a video of him and Giannina in their costumes with his 713k followers. Giannina also shared photo comparisons on her Instagram Stories with her two million followers.

For their costumes, Giannina wore a navy suit with a white collared shirt and blue tie, looking like Blake when Becca Kufrin broke up with him on The Bachelorette. 

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann in suits
Pic credit: @gianninagibelli/Instagram

Meanwhile, Blake wore a blonde wig and a wedding gown resembling Giannina’s look during her wedding day on Love Is Blind Season 1. 

Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann in wedding dresses
Pic credit: @gianninagibelli/Instagram

Giannina cried dramatically while wiping her tears with cloth throughout the video as Blake scowled in his blond wig and sprinkled water on her face, declaring, “more sweat.” 

Giannina also humorously yelled out “Becca” before the video cut to Blake reenacting the dramatic moment Giannina fled the altar on Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind’s premise involves strangers getting to know one another sight unseen and then getting engaged before ever seeing each other’s faces. After their engagement, the pairs prepare for a wedding only to decide if they want to stay together at the altar in front of all their wedding guests.

Giannina was broken up with on her wedding day, and she quickly fled the vicinity in her wedding dress, memorably falling as she ran. 

Blake impersonated Giannina’s run and her fall, along with crossing his arms similarly to Giannina.  

Blake captioned the post, “Love is Bind ? Bachelor Nation #plottwist.” 

Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli promote Freebeat bike

Giannina and Blake have large social media platforms, leading to partnerships with various brands. 

They recently teamed up to promote a fitness bike from Freebeat Fit.

The couple’s video featured a quick skit as Giannina and Blake lay in bed. Blake pretended to be fast asleep while Giannina worried he was dreaming about other girls. 

Blake’s audio then revealed what he was really dreaming about as the video cut to Giannina getting a workout in on the bike. 

Blake suggested the couple works out together in his caption that read, “Couples who workout together, stay together. We have been loving our @Freebeatfit bike which lets us still get some daily movement in from home (which for us is great since we’re on the road so much!). You can use our code BLAKEXGIANNINA for $100 off on top of the already great deals on their website! Now who wants to compete against us?” 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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