Gia Giudice is clowning around for Halloween recap

RHONJ star Gia Giudice wears a clown costume as one of three Halloween outfits.
Gia Giudice was a sad clown for Halloween. Pic credit: @_giagiudice/Instagram

Gia Giudice had quite the weekend celebrating Halloween, rocking three different costumes at the various parties she attended. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star just posted a Halloween recap on social media clad as a clown in a red and white costume and as Harley Quinn in another photo with her boyfriend Christian by her side as the Joker.

Gia also had fun with her girlfriends in another costume, this time as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

The 21-year-old usually goes all-out on the spooky holiday, and this year was no different, as evidenced by her first outfit, which showed her wearing white knee-high boots, white fishnet stockings, and tiny white shorts.

She also wore white gloves, a plunging white bodysuit with frills on the neckline, and an arm complete with three red pompoms in the front.

Gia completed the clown costume with a white collar and had her hair in a pigtail style with red pompoms in her hair. For the final touch, she donned bright red lips, and an exaggerated smile painted her face. 

RHONJ star Gia Giudice was Harley Quinn for Halloween

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star channeled Harley Quinn for the second Halloween costume, and this time her boyfriend Christian joined in on the fun. 

Gia and Christian snapped a photo together in her black fishnet stockings, a metallic red bomber jacket, and a red and white crop top.

She added a thick gold choker with her hair in pigtails and smeared makeup on her face, much like the original character.

Meanwhile, Gia’s boyfriend wore a purple shirt and a long gold tie with his chest exposed and his face painted white with the red exaggerated smile and dark hallow eyes.

In the Instagram post, Gia leaned in close to Christian with one leg raised as they posed for the photo. 

Gia Giudice was the Mad Hatter for Halloween 

The final outfit in Gia’s Instagram slide showed her clad in a skimpy Mad Hatter costume, the fictional character from Alice in Wonderland. Meanwhile, her friends also donned costumes from the movie.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star wore a large back velour hat with a satin ribbon tied in a bow under her chin.

Her costumed also included a plunging corset top with gold sleeves, criss-cross straps in the front, and a purple checkered print at the sides. She paired the colorful top with black shorts and fishnets and wore black knee-high boots.

Gia’s three friends were also clad as characters from the show in various outfits, including the Queen of Hearts, Alice, and the White Rabbit.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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