Genevieve Parisi roasts herself while watching her ‘spiraling’ scenes on Bachelor in Paradise

Genevieve Parisi
Genevieve Parisi calls out her own behavior during last night’s episode. Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

If there’s one person with the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality, it’s Genevieve Parisi after watching herself on last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The 27-year-old contestant was first seen on Season 26 of The Bachelor and is now giving love in the franchise a second shot on the beaches of Paradise.

As Season 8 starts to heat up following its second episode airing on Monday night, viewers saw tensions begin to rise between couples that formed early on.

One couple, in particular, included Genevieve and fellow beach-er Justin Glaze, who Bachelor Nation first saw as a top contender on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Although the two had only been “together” for a singular day, Genevieve let her emotions get the best of her when new bombshell Victoria Fuller entered BIP and decided to take Justin on a date.

Throughout the time while Justin was on the date, Genevieve was shown to be stressed out and upset over the ordeal. Even when Justin returned, Genevieve was visibly mad that he didn’t go over to her right away.

Some of Genevieve’s choice words were a bit over the top — even for her. She took to Twitter to live-tweet the episode and fully roast herself for some of the things she said, which she blamed on lack of sleep, crying, and humidity.

Genevieve Parisi roasts herself during Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise

Genevieve Parisi did not hold back last night when it came to showing accountability for what she said during the episode. It started with a post on her Instagram, where she shared a caption that read, “Tonight is going to be…interesting. Please don’t come for me when you see me spiraling.” 

She then moved to Twitter — where the roasting truly began. “Not me acting like I’ve been dating Justin for 2 years,” she said in regards to the irony of being so upset with him after only knowing him for a day.

Genevieve Parisi's tweet
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

She also quoted herself in an act of redemption —” ‘I wish America could feel what I’m feeling right now” delusion from no sleep and crying for 20 hours straight.”

Genevieve Parisi's tweet
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

She kept going throughout the episode as her scenes got more and more dramatic, with thoughts such as “OMG. So much context left out please ignore me” and “HE DIDNT SAY HI TO ME RIGHT AWAY omg Gen.”

Genevieve Parisi's tweet
Pic credit: @ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

Although many replied to give her props for calling herself out, there were also BIP viewers on the other end who still thought she was over the line.

Genevieve Parisi claps back at BIP viewer who called her a ‘waste of time’

Genevieve Parisi clearly speaks her mind on the show, and the same goes for her responses on social media.

One BIP viewer responded to one of her tweets, “Two hours of you crying over a man you spent 24 hours with. Waste of time.”

Genevieve promptly replied, “Not one person is forcing you to watch the show? So you are wasting your own time.”

Genevieve Parisi's tweet back to Wendy
Pic credit: @WindiB/@ParisiGenevieve/Twitter

There’s no doubt more drama will unfold on tonight’s episode, where the potential addition of contestant Salley Carson may or may not take Justin even further away from his relationship with Genevieve. They did link up at Stagecoach, after all.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
1 year ago

Stop playing with your hair. You can’t be mad at Justin for going on a date, you did the same thing. Your there to get yo know the men. Stop being such a cry baby.