Genevieve Parisi reacts to comments that she needs therapy

Genevieve Parisi
Genevieve Parisi has had an emotional journey on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Genevieve Parisi has made quite the impression on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 as she explores a roller coaster relationship with Aaron Clancy. 

Genevieve has worn her heart on her sleeve every step of the way on BIP, which has led her to exhibit emotional behavior on several occasions. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers and even Bachelor Nation alum such as Ivan Hall have accused Genevieve of being overdramatic and even staging her over-the-top reactions. However, Genevieve refuted those claims. 

Some reactors even feel Genevieve could use therapy, which Genevieve reacted to in a recent video. 

Genevieve appeared to reject the idea of going to therapy in her post. 

However, the Bachelor Nation brunette clarified where she stood on therapy in the video’s caption. 

Genevieve Parisi shares her take on therapy 

Genevieve took to TikTok to address therapy comments. 

In the video, Genevieve wore a busty brown crop top, white sweats, and her long brunette locks hanging down. 

A quote over the video read, “You need therapy.” 

Genevieve mouthed the popular Schitt’s Creek audio reflecting her response to the comment, stating, “Well, I won’t be doing any of that, but thank you so much.” 

In her caption, Genevieve clarified that she’s not actually against therapy anymore and has even learned to become a fan of it. This update comes after Genevieve was sent home on The Bachelor Season 26 after she was uncomfortable during a counseling session with Clayton Echard.

She wrote, “This is a joke I actually love therapy now. Butttt this was definitely me a year ago.” 


This is a joke I actually love therapy now. Butttt this was definitely me a year ago. #therapy #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Schitt’s Creek

Genevieve Parisi jokes about her coping mechanisms 

Genevieve has been one of the most vocal on social media as she reacts to all the drama on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

In a recent video, Genevieve poked fun at her three coping mechanisms that were all exhibited on the beach. 

Text over the video read, “What’s your coping mechanism?” 

Genevieve replied with the text, “Crying, Running, Bags packed in the jungle path.” 

It’s become a trend for Genevieve to pack her bags and threaten to leave after her fights with Aaron, and it appears, based on her TikTok video, she’s aware of her pattern. 

Genevieve captioned the post, “Obviously this is a joke…there aren’t jungle paths everywhere in the real world. 


Obviously this is a joke… there aren’t jungle paths everywhere in the real world #BachelorinParadise #bachelornation #junglepath #fyp #foryou

♬ a negroni sbagliato w prosecco l hbo max – hbomax

As one of BIP’s most passionate couples, Genevieve and Aaron have had moments of great chemistry and also explosive arguments, so it remains to be seen if their relationship survived beyond the beach.

Fans will be able to find out more about what happened to Genevieve and Aaron when the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion airs. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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