Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney work on their ‘RBF’

Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney in the car
Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney address ‘RBF.’ Pic credit: ABC

Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney clashed several times on The Bachelor Season 26, but despite all their differences, the two ladies appear to have one trait in common. 

Recently, both Genevieve and Shanae separately posted about wanting to work on their ‘RBF’ which is a popular abbreviation for ‘resting b***h face.’ 

Genevieve Parisi gets called out for her facial expressions 

Genevieve Parisi got The Bachelor viewers talking due to her often stoic, stern, and seemingly stressed facial expressions. 

Genevieve became aware of several tweets discussing her face and she shared a few of them to her Instagram stories. 

One tweet read, “Is Genevieve okay? She truly has no emotion other than this one,” with a gif of a concerned woman. 

Another tweet read, “Someone tap Genevieve she genuinely seems to be made out of stone.” 

A The Bachelor viewer wrote, “Genevieve? Hello?” With a gif that read, “Is there anyone alive out there?”

A commenter also took issue with the fact that Genevieve rarely smiled on the show, writing, “Genevieve!! Will you smile from time to time?!!? Frack!!!!” 

Finally, Genevieve shared a tweet from a commenter who wrote, “Genevieve always seems like she’s having a terrible time.” 

Despite the criticism in the tweets, Genevieve appeared to find humor in it all and received the underlying advice these viewers were seemingly offering her. 

Genevieve wrote in her Instagram story, “ok so I need to work on my RBF,” with a laughing and tears emoji. 

Genevieve Parisi Instagram story
Pic credit: @genparisi/Instagram

Shanae Ankney practices her ‘RBF’ 

In what appears to be an interesting coincidence, Genevieve’s rival Shanae Ankney also recently posted about her ‘RBF.’ 

While Genevieve joked that she has to work on her facial expressions, it seems Shanae has been working on perfecting her ‘RBF.’ 

Shanae shared a photo of herself in all white with a peachy make-up look. In the photo, Shanae gazes off into the distance with a subtly smug expression. 

Shanae captioned the photo, “Working on my RBF’ along with a white heart.

The post and controversial caption led many The Bachelor viewers to flood Shanae’s comment section with critique and disapproval as they feel she should be more concerned with working on her character after her offensive behavior on The Bachelor.

With the Women Tell All coming up, it’s likely Shanae and Genevieve will have yet another chance to face off, and time will tell if the two bring out some dramatic expression in one another. 

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