Gary King is hanging out with this Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum

Gary King
Below Deck Sailing Yacht fan-favorite Gary King has been hanging out with another show favorite. Pic credit: Bravo

Gary King made a name for himself during Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht for his raucous behavior and sheepish involvement with two women that got him into hot water during the charter season.

Gary’s entanglements didn’t stop him from being wildly popular with viewers and from his skills as bosun catching the eye of Captain Glen Shepard who asked Gary to do the crossing with him.

It looks as if that crossing went well because, aside from rumors Gary will appear on Season 3 of Sailing Yacht, Gary and Captain Glen have been hanging out together.

Gary King has been hanging out with fellow Below Deck Sailing Yacht favorite Captain Glen Shepard

Captain Glen, who goes by his handle @bigsailboats on Instagram, posted a short video with a familiar face in Saba, the Dutch part of the Caribbean.

The recognizable face was that of Gary as the few seconds-long video showed the two of them chumming it up.

Captain Glen captioned, “Check out these two Bozos.”

To which Gary replied, “The two best friends that anyone can have.”

Captain Glen's IG post with Gary King
Captain Glen shared a friendly post with Gary King. Pic credit: @bigsailboats/Instagram

Captain Glen’s post points to the friendship and possible continued working relationship between the two men who love being on big sailboats and traveling the world.

Gary Shepard had two chaotic boat romances on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary made it known when he came onto the boat that he had a way with the ladies and he was very excited at the idea of having options with several women on board.

At first, Gary was between pursuing Sydney, who was on his deck team, and Alli who was in the interior. Sydney aggressively went after Gary and he ultimately caved and hooked up with Sydney but denied doing so because he realized he actually wanted to get with Alli.

Sydney’s feelings grew for Gary as Gary’s grew for Alli and before long the lie Gary and Sydney told Alli about not hooking up came out and she was upset.

However, Gary, Sydney, and Alli, all did the crossing together after Gary and Alli officially started their tryst although it didn’t last long.

Since filming, Sydney has launched a travel agency business, Alli has become a first-time mother, and viewers now know that Gary is still at it.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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