Garrison Brown’s family to keep his legacy alive with company relaunch: ‘Turn what happened into a positive’

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Garrison’s family is relaunching his clothing company. Pic credit: Discovery+

Gone, but certainly not forgotten.

It’s been one month since Sister Wives star Garrison Brown ended his own life by suicide.

In the aftermath of his sudden and unexpected death, Garrison’s family members have been looking for ways to keep the 25-year-old’s legacy alive.

One way the Browns will pay tribute to Garrison is by relaunching his clothing line, Bob’s Floral.

Before his passing, Garrison (real name Robert Garrison Brown) ran his Hawaiian-themed clothing line, Bob’s Floral.

In 2020, Garrison hit pause on Bob’s Floral, however, and never got around to rekindling the business.

In an Instagram post dated November 15, 2020, Garrison wrote, “Hi all! Bobs Floral will be temporarily on pause.”

Garrison Brown teased Bob’s Floral’s relaunch in 2020

“My reopening plan is BIG but needs time to be executed. I wish for Bobs Floral products to be made domestically and with care and passion for those who seek an easy going lifestyle. Until then we hope you continue to follow and support the page. Thank you all so much! – Robert.”

Since his passing, Garrison’s family members felt it would be a great way to honor his memory by picking up where he left off and reopening his brand.

A source close to the Brown family spoke with The Sun recently and told the outlet that Garrison’s plans were sidelined by his underlying depression.

“He was definitely planning on working on his clothing, but before his death, he wasn’t really doing much of anything, truthfully,” the insider claimed.

“He was depressed and was unhappy, and he didn’t feel like he was getting much success from anything,” they continued.

The Browns want to keep Garrison’s legacy alive through his clothing brand

“But now, oddly enough, there’s conversations within the family about how they’re going to try to keep his legacy alive.”

“They plan on carrying on some of his dreams, which can be done by his brothers,” added the unidentified person in the know. “They’re going to turn what happened into a positive.”

Many of Garrison’s friends and family members paid their respects during his National Guard memorial service last month.

At the service, many of the guests opted to wear Hawaiian-printed shirts to honor Garrison’s brand, Bob’s Floral.

Garrison’s memory is being honored in Flagstaff, Arizona

Another project reportedly in the works is creating a foundation in Garrison’s honor dedicated to saving animals, a cause near and dear to the late TLC star’s heart, per The Sun’s source.

Garrison’s legacy has already been carried on in the name of stray animals.

As Monster and Critics previously reported, a Flagstaff animal shelter raised thousands of dollars in donations to help feed and care for hundreds of homeless cats.

The gesture was especially appreciated by Garrison’s mom, Janelle Brown, who admitted she was brought to tears by the effort.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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