Garrett Yrigoyen from The Bachelorette’s ex wife has her own take on their divorce

Garrett Yrigoyen
Garrett Yrigoyen opened up about his first marriage on The Bachelorette, but his ex-wife has a different story.

Garrett Yrigoyen was the man who received the first impression rose during the first episode of The Bachelorette this season, and he had his first one-on-one date with Becca Kufrin during last night’s episode of the show.

Garrett really wanted to open up and be honest with Becca and she seemed to be surprised when he told her that he had been married before. This was news that had been uncovered online before The Bachelorette started airing and, sadly, the situation was hard on Garrett.

During the episode, fans could see how he was left with tears in his eyes from talking about how hard his divorce was. Even though they weren’t a match, he still felt like a failure because no one in his family had gotten divorced before.

However, it sounds like his ex-wife has a different story. Kayla Cunningham was reportedly angry that she was abandoned. In divorce papers, the pair cited their reason for splitting as not being able to work out their differences.

Kayla’s story was shared when a friend of hers did an interview with Life & Style recently. In it, Kayla’s friend revealed that Garrett had allegedly turned cold and disrespectful towards his wife after six months of marriage.

He also reportedly acted out towards her family and it’s claimed he just suddenly didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. Rather than talk things over and work things out, Kayla apparently learned that Garrett was done with the marriage after he packed up all of his things and left.

A week and a half later, he is said to have come back and claimed he wanted half of everything. While he claimed on the show that he felt like a disappointment after getting divorced, according to the claims it sounds like he could maybe have handled it differently.

What do you think about Garrett Yrigoyen’s ex-wife’s side of the story?

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