Gabby Windey slams Hayden Markowitz’s apology

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey disses Hayden Markowitz. Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have had many ups and downs since their season began about four weeks ago.

After the first four episodes, viewers watched Gabby and Rachel take the reins of their journeys and run with them.

While they have found some connections with their men, they have both had some major hurdles and obstacles to overcome in the first weeks of the show.

As fans watched, the two women sent Chris home for making fantasy suite ultimatums before having conversations with the women, and Jacob was sent packing for the rude comments he made when talking to Gabby.

Another of the male suitors who rubbed Gabby, Rachel, and some of the other men the wrong way was Hayden Markowitz.

After calling Gabby “rough around the edges,” he then made comments about Rachel to the other men, saying things like his ex-girlfriend was way hotter than Rachel.

Gabby Windey’s reaction to Hayden Markowitz’s apology

When asked about Hayden’s apology post on Instagram, Gabby declared, “I think there’s a lot of things to consider when people apologize on social media, especially, you know, in a public way after you’ve been outed on TV. So I think anyone can take that however they want.”

In fact, Gabby also hinted that there was a lot more drama, controversy, and turmoil yet to come in the show’s upcoming episodes until the finale, regarding the men.

She went on to say that viewers often say they don’t like to see Gabby and Rachel crying, or upset, but Gabby also relayed that this is part of the process and their journeys. While they don’t like to go through things like Hayden saying she is rough around the ages, and calling them names, those are things that happened along the way that got them to their ending point.

Hayden Markowitz’s apology to Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

After Monday night’s episode, Hayden took to his Instagram account and apologized to the women and Bachelor Nation. However, the post has since been deleted.

He had written, “For those who watched tonight’s episode, you saw me at my absolute worst and lowest moment. I have always tried to carry myself with humility and respect for others.”

Hayden went on to say that his behavior and how he treated both Gabby and Rachel were unacceptable and uncalled for. He also stated that his actions and words, and how he acted towards both women, were one hundred percent not how he was raised to treat females. Moreover, he claimed he would take full responsibility for everything.

As Hayden ended his social media apology, he said the experience was amazing, and he was grateful he had the chance he did. He also claimed that he wants what’s best for both of the women and hopes they can accept his apology.

Why Hayden took his apology post down is unknown, but hopefully, he truly means the words he said and really feels like what he said was wrong.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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