Gabby Windey breaks down over ‘rough around the edges’ comment

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey speaks out about Hayden’s comment. Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have their work cut out for them on this season of The Bachelorette.

As they begin to choose their men and the guys decide which woman they want to proceed with, emotions run high on both ends of the spectrum.

Gabby and Rachel both became emotional at different points during last night’s episode. They have realized their journeys could very well be a rollercoaster.

While Rachel was upset and discouraged after three of the men she offered roses to rejected her, Gabby had a tough time on the group date.

In fact, one of the contestants, Hayden Markowitz, is under fire for a comment that he made to Gabby during this particular date.

While Hayden has commented on his remark since the show aired last night, it still didn’t sit well with many viewers and Gabby herself.

Hayden Markowitz calls Gabby Windey rough around the edges

As Gabby broke down in tears, wondering if her worst fear of being too much for people was coming true, she and Rachel decided to hand out roses to individual men.

This came after Hayden and Jacob Rapini had talked to Gabby during the group date, and both made comments that made Gabby upset and question everything she was doing.

When telling Gabby that he has decided to pursue Rachel, he declared, “I looked at today, and my own life and what my values line up with, and you know, I do have my intentions fully for Rachel.”

Hayden went on to claim, “And I think you have the bubbly aspect to you, the goofy aspect, and you’re a little bit more – I don’t want to say rough around the edges – but you want people to be very direct with ya’ll so I wanted to make sure that I express that to you.”

Gabby Windey dishes on how Hayden Markowitz made her feel

Gabby stated, “Hayden tells me he feels his morals more aligned with Rachel and being called ‘rough around the edges,’ like, definitely hurts.”

She went on to say, “When it comes down to it, I want to be rough around the edges ‘cause I know who I am on the inside and I’m f–king proud of it.”

Hayden Markowitz responds during the aired episode

Hayden addressed the comment he made to Gabby on his Instagram account during the aired episode on Monday night.

He wrote, “What a night, with so many emotions going on I have to say I have an overwhelming amount of respect for Gabby and Rachel.”

Hayden went on to say, “Looking back I can definitely say I may not be the most eloquent with words at times but I aimed my heart in the direction of my intentions. Extremely glad Rachel saw me for who I am inside and allowed me to continue the journey with her.”

Whether Hayden will continue to go further with Rachel is yet to be known, but fans will see what happens between the two as the episodes continue to air.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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