Fred Willard was on The Bachelor again and the internet is absolutely losing it

Fred Willard
Fred Willard guest-starred on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Fred Willard was back on the small screen this week, causing him to trend on Twitter.

The 80-year-old actor appeared once again on The Bachelor, helping out Chris Harrison with a competition, where some of the women had to impress Peter Weber.

Fred was recently known as Frank Dunphy on Modern Family, where he appeared on 14 episodes. The last episode that he appeared on was called Legacy, where viewers learned that Frank passed away.

While shocking, it seemed like the perfect way to wrap up his role on Modern Family, as the show is coming to an end.

Willard is also known from Best In Show, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and WALL-E.

But during Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, he sat alongside Harrison as he commented on a competition involving the ladies. And this had Twitter hyped up.

Many viewers were thrilled to see Fred back on the show. This appearance wasn’t his first time on The Bachelor, and several people predicted that he’d be back on the show in the future.

One person even joked that he would be there in 2050, as Nick Viall returns to the show to find a wife.

Of course, some viewers didn’t understand why Willard would want to come back to the show. As some people joked, ABC could be holding him hostage.

This comment could be linked to Modern Family, which is also an ABC production. One week he’s killed off on Modern Family, only to return to The Bachelor the week after.

But Fred being on The Bachelor resulted in him trending on Twitter. Those who don’t watch The Bachelor had a brief scare, as they thought he had passed away in real life.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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