Francesca Farago announces ‘soft girl era’ after complaining about Perfect Match edit

Francesca Farago on Perfect Match
Francesca Farago plays a good villain on Netflix reality shows. Pic credit: Netflix

Francesca Farago has managed to headline two major Netflix reality shows now, but her latest portrayal didn’t come off as planned.

Now, the swimsuit entrepreneur, who found reality TV love for the first time with Harry Jowsey on Too Hot to Handle, is working on her image after even she admitted to fumbling the lovable villain role. Well, she admitted it, but also put a bit of the blame back on Netflix, with complaints that she didn’t care much for how she was edited in Perfect Match.

The series is still running on Netflix with new episodes coming out on February 28, but where the series left off, Francesca ruffled a lot of feathers after breaking yet another heart and matching up with Abbey Humphries, becoming the first same-sex couple to head for their room on Perfect Match.

Fans of the show weren’t happy after Francesca dropped Dom for Damien and then dumped him for Abbey, each time leaving a seemingly heartbroken suitor in her wake — especially after the way she went after Savannah for having the nerve to approach Dom when he was already matched with Francesca.

It also didn’t sit well with viewers when she told Damien to explore his options and then got angry when he chose Ines over her. What did she expect him to do? Damien took that as a sign that Francesca was about to move on, and all signs pointed to that.

After watching her flip on Dom and tell him he had nothing to worry about, Damien wanted to ensure his spot and did what he had to do.

Francesca Farago isn’t happy about her Perfect Match edit

It’s no secret to Perfect Match viewers that Francesca Farago came off as a huge villain after bouncing from Dom to Damien to Abbey before the latest set of episodes came to an end.

But, according to the Netflix star, there was a whole lot that viewers didn’t see, and she’s not too happy that the whole story didn’t play out.

While speaking to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Francesca explained that what happened on the show wasn’t exactly what happened during the filming and that things should have looked so different.

“I am not happy with the way the production edited the show. And the way they portrayed me, to be honest,” Francesca began.

“I didn’t have any regrets after filming, but after hearing about the episodes, I had some regrets. The power of editing is real. I let a lot of external factors influence a lot of my decisions and my attitude. If I were to go back, I wouldn’t let that happen, and I would be my real self.”

Is Francesca suggesting that some of her power moves were producer motivated? It never did seem authentic when the power couple would go on to set up some newcomers on dates, only to insist that they also go on one of the dates with someone tempting — like when Francesca insisted that she and Dom were so perfect, only to turn around and fall head over heels for Damien.

Then she did it again as soon as Abbey from Twentysomethings: Austin showed up.

Francesca Farago announces ‘soft girl era’ as Perfect Match viewers take aim

Now that Francesca is speaking out about her time on Perfect Match, she’s also working hard to reverse some of the hate she’s been getting from fans — and she’s been getting a lot.

For example, one viewer took to Twitter and wrote, “I really liked Francesca for a minute. The confidence and the bad b***hery really resonated with me. But after how Savannah ate her up, and then after she dropped my man Dom . . . I’m sorry but I can not abide by the shenanigans any longer.”

Another took aim, suggesting who Francesca’s perfect match might be, and it’s not pretty.

Yet another suggested that Francesca is making the show toxic.

With a business to run and no signs of quitting reality TV yet, Francesca has an image to repair — and quickly! That may have been her motivation as she took to Instagram for a new kind of announcement.

Looking absolutely stunning in a white slip dress that accentuated every curve, Francesca Farago announced that she’s entering her “soft girl era.”

And while soft girl energy is more of a fashion statement that includes soft colors and embracing all things girly and feminine, the millennial trend also can take shape in terms of being nicer, softer, less “in your face,” and more in tune with their emotions. We’ll see how long Francesca can keep that up.

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix with new episodes dropping on February 28.

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