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Former The Challenge rookie Lauren Coogan poses in skimpy lingerie with Temptation Island star Morgan Lolar

former the challenge rookie lauren coogan in love island usa
Former Challenge rookie Lauren Coogan on Love Island USA. Pic credit: Love Island USA/YouTube

Two stars from reality TV shows featuring romance and islands have linked up for a steamy photoshoot to help boost their followings and possibly promote other projects.

Former Love Island star Lauren Coogan, a rookie on MTV’s The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies, got together with Temptation Island’s Morgan Lolar for a “post and delete” social media photo.

The duo rocked sizzling lingerie for the image, which generated plenty of attention amongst fans and followers and even a former Challenge finalist.

Lauren Coogan and Morgan Lolar link up for photoshoot

It’s not uncommon to see reality TV stars getting together for collaborative photoshoots to promote their explicit content on other platforms such as OnlyFans. In the past month or so, Tori Deal has met up with her castmates from The Challenge, including Melissa Reeves, Britni Thornton, and Natalie Negrotti.

Tori was part of the Spies, Lies & Allies season as a member of the veteran alliance. Lauren Coogan made a brief debut on the show as a rookie after originally appearing on Love Island.

This past week, the Season 37 rookie decided to heat up the Gram a bit more for her fans and followers by sharing a thirst trap image that included Temptation Island’s Morgan Lolar and items from For Love of Lingerie.

In the photo, Lauren gives a seductive side view as she wears a skimpy bra and underwear along with white thigh-high stockings with lace trim. Morgan wears a teddy which appears to be a light purple or white. She’s seated in a chair, displaying her legs and feet. Morgan gazes up at Lauren, seemingly in admiration, as her fellow reality TV star stretches out to lean against the chair.

“Post & Delete” is what Lauren’s caption says, but the photo has remained up for days, collecting many Likes and comments.

Reality TV fans saw Morgan Lolar appear during Temptation Island Season 4, as the woman that Evan Smith left his partner of five years for. She shares images regularly on her Instagram page modeling bikinis, fitness gear, and other attire.

Lauren’s reality TV history includes Love Island USA and The Challenge, although they were both brief appearances.

The Challenge finalist, fans react to reality TV star’s steamy photo

Another reality star known for her recent steamy collaborations is Natalie Negrotti, who was originally on Big Brother and reached The Challenge: Final Reckoning final with partner Paulie Calafiore.

She linked up with three of her other Final Reckoning castmates for an Easter photo to really wow fans. The former Big Brother star and Final Reckoning finalist dropped a “wow” of her own on Lauren and Morgan’s photo, seeming to be stunned by their image.

natalie negrotti reacts lauren coogan photo with morgan lolar
Pic credit: @laurencoogan/Instagram

Fans were also stunned by Lauren and Molar’s heatseeker of a photo, as many left emojis or comments praising their collaborative effort.

fan shows admiration for lauren coogan photo with morgan lolar
Pic credit: @laurencoogan/Instagram

One fan called the photo “gorgeous” and asked Lauren when she might appear on TV again. However, the former Challenge rookie didn’t offer anything beyond a heart emoji for the fan’s comment.

fan asks lauren coogan about tv return
Pic credit: @laurencoogan/Instagram

Lauren originally appeared in Love Island USA Season 2. Her Challenge fate was a mystery for viewers, as she appeared briefly in the first episode or so of the season. At one point, Double Agents champion Amber Borzotra arrived as a replacement for Lauren, who had vanished from the show without an explanation given.

Rumors online suggested she had an argument or altercation with her castmate, leading to some offensive things being said that resulted in Lauren’s removal from The Challenge. Since then, the former Love Island star has commented about the situation, suggesting she might return for the show, depending on how things go in the future.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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