Former RHOBH alum Dana Wilkey bashes Brandi Glanville, says she lacks ‘depth’ and ‘intellect’

Former RHOBH alum Dana Wilkey bashes former castmate Brandi Glanville
Former RHOBH alum bashes Brandi Glanville. Pic credit:©

Dana Wilkey wasn’t on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for very long, but she made a memorable impression nonetheless.

Her name may not necessarily ring a bell to many viewers of the show.

However, there was one scene that made the friend of the show hard to forget.

During one memorable episode, Dana strolled into lunch with Kyle Richards rocking a pair of designer eyeglasses.

And she made sure to tell the Housewife –and anyone else that would listen–that the eyewear cost 25,000 dollars.

At the time Wilkey was engaged to a rich businessman who apparently gifted her the item.

When the episode aired viewers really bashed her for bragging about the outrageous price tag.

Despite not being on RHOBH for more than a few episodes, Dana is constantly talking about the show and about the cast members.

Now, she’s sharing details about her friendship, or lack thereof with Brandi Glanville.

Dana talks about feud with Brandi Glanville

It seems Wilkey was responding to a fan question regarding her views on Brandi, and she didn’t hold back.

Dana responded to the fan question in a long Instagram video, posted to her page.

“So I wanna be fair,” Dana begins. “Brandi and I had a huge Twitter war a few years ago and  we were really nasty to each other and she ended up blocking me–which I thought was really wussy by the way.”

She adds, “I didn’t block her and she said things that were way worse, so I guess she can dish it out but she can’t take it.”

The party planner is referring to a 2012 feud that saw her and the mom-of-two trading insults on Twitter.

And it all started because Dana retweeted a nasty fan comment about Glanville.

It ended with Brandi hitting the block button on Dana, but later accepted an apology from her.

However, it seems the two are still at odds.

Dana says Brandi has “no intellect”

During the video, the former friend of the Housewives delved deeper in why she and Brandi never hit it off as friends on the show.

She shares, “When I was trying to be friends with Brandi I really struggled with it. Because although she seems like a party girl, which is fun ,she has no depth or intellect so it’s really hard to have a real friendship with her, like to get to know her”

“As for like a fake friend, she would always try to exploit your weaknesses and make you look like sh*t on TV,” adds Dana.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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