Former MAFS cast and crew speak out anonymously amid Season 17 drama involving producer

MAFS couple Becca Haley and Austin Reed
Becca Haley and Austin Reed split over producer drama. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 17 started to pick up speed just as the season is coming to a close, and now everyone is talking about the recent turn of events.

Austin Reed was called out by his wife, Becca Haley, for hanging out with one of their producers hours after they opted to stay married to him on Decision Day.

Austin and his friends were hanging out at a bar with the producer in question, and she has allegedly been fired for fraternizing with the cast.

Becca didn’t indicate there was anything scandalous between her husband and the producer, as she dubbed the relationship as a “friendship.”

Austin and Becca even named their fish after said producer, indicating that she had a close bond with the couple.

However, there are rules against cast and crew socializing outside of filming, and that’s where the trouble started.

Some former MAFS cast and crew members recently spoke out on social media and commented on the tricky situation.

MAFS cast and crew speak anonymously amid alleged firing of Season 17 producer

Mafsfan on Instagram wanted to hear from the cast and crew about whether there are rules against cast and crew hanging out outside of filming.

Several alums responded to the MAFS fan page’s Instagram Story with their take on the situation.

“I hung out with my producer before, during, and after filming with my match,” confessed a cast member.

Keep in mind, though, that in Becca and Austin’s situation, they already had trust issues, and it was Austin and his friends who hung out with the producer, while his wife was at home.

Someone else wrote, “It was a rule that I recall during filming, but some couples did hang out with producers at times as long as it remained discreet.”

However, the alum added, “The storyline takes precedence over being friends. They are there to make money. There were some really good people on the crews, but again…they have a job to do first.”

MAFS Fan Instagram Story
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Have the MAFS rules changed over the years?

The MAFS fan page didn’t reveal the identity of the persons who responded, but conflicting answers indicate that the rules might have changed over the years.

One former MAFS crew member noted that fraternizing with cast members was “not actually a rule but we know our jobs are on the line if anyone crosses boundaries.”

MAFS Fan Instagram Story
MAFS crew responses.Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Another crew member reasoned, “I can tell u, no one in the industry who wants to work is gonna waste it on a cast member.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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