Former Dancing with the Stars competitor claims the show offered her a 5-week contract

Anne Heche on Dancing with the Stars
Anne Heche on Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

This season, Dancing with the Stars had some controversy when some unsubstantiated rumors hit about Olivia Jade.

While there are many fans against Olivia Jade this year because of her past, some took it to the level of spreading rumors.

The rumors indicated that Olivia Jade was promised a deal where she would be on the show for a guaranteed amount of weeks.

That would go against the spirit of the show offering fans a fair chance to try to save their favorites.

There was no proof that this contract existed, but now a former contestant is claiming they had a similar deal, and it might clear up the misunderstanding of the contracts.

Anne Heche claims she had a 5-week deal with Dancing with the Stars

Anne Heche appeared on the podcast Trading Secrets. Host Jason Tartick spoke to Heche along with Heather Duffy.

The very start of the podcast immediately started to talk about Heche’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars. That is when Heche dropped what she believed to be a bomb.

Heche claimed she had a five-week deal to remain on Dancing with the Stars.

This sounds similar to the Olivia Jade rumors.

However, there is one big problem here. Heche was eliminated in Week 4. She was in the bottom two and the judges unanimously chose to save Monica Aldama.

Heche went home and, in the podcast, she said she was angry. She claimed she was promised at least five weeks and the show cost her thousands of dollars by sending her home early.

However, if there was a contract that said that, Dancing with the Stars could face serious problems as the votes have to count and this would put them in violations with the network.

But, there is a chance that Anne Heche was confused about her contract, and that the Olivia Jade rumors might be just as confusing.

Dancing with the Stars contracts

The competitors on Dancing with the Stars are paid for their appearance.

They make money for each week they remain on the show, and what it sounds like is that the contracts offer a specific amount of money for a specified number of weeks.

If Anne Heche had made it through five weeks, she would have made a specific amount of money for those weeks. However, she wasn’t as good as the other dancers and was eliminated in Week 4.

This means she lost the money for Week 5, which is where she likely claims she was cost money.

Any other reason would be either a breach of contract or an ethical violation against DWTS, which is not likely.

Dancing with the Stars airs at 8/7c on Monday nights on ABC.

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