Former American Idol contestant arrested following shooting at a recording studio

Leroy Wells on American Idol
Leroy Wells during his audition on American Idol in 2005. Pic credit: Fox

A former American Idol contestant has been arrested in connection with a shooting at a recording studio.

Leroy Wells — who made a big impression on fans when he tried out for American Idol in 2005 — is said to have fired a gun at two men as they approached the building.

He was initially wanted by police following the incident. However, he is now in jail after reportedly handing himself in.

Former American Idol contestant arrested after shooting

Police claim the former American Idol contestant was involved in a shooting at Kingdom Enterprises in Mobile, Alabama, last Sunday night.

According to Fox News, two alleged victims showed up at the recording studio before someone opened fire on them while they stood outside.

The men were taken to the hospital and both were said to have been treated for non-life-threatening wounds.

A warrant was put out for Wells’ arrest before he finally turned himself in on Wednesday night.

According to records from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Wells is currently held in jail under the charges of a felony probation violation, “discharge gun occupied or unoccupied bldg/vehicle,” and “assault 2nd degree.”

Leroy Wells charges
Pic credit: Mobile County Sheriff’s Office

The alleged probation violation is due to the fact that Wells has had prior troubles with the law.

At the time his American Idol audition was shown on TV back in 2005, he was in jail after being accused of shooting a man in Tillman’s Corner. The same year, he was charged with attempted murder after being accused of the 2004 shooting of a man outside a convenience store in Grand Bay. He pleaded guilty to assault before his trial.

In 2014, Wells was arrested again and sentenced to 46 months in prison for illegal possession of a firearm.

Who is Leroy Wells from American Idol?

Leroy Wells gained fame when he first appeared on American Idol in 2005. He was in the try-out rounds, and while he didn’t make it through, he made his mark on the public after walking in and immediately coming out with his catchphrase “Can you dig it.”

He then started singing and dancing before he even introduced himself. None of the judges appeared to understand anything he was saying.

His audition saw him attempt to sing James Brown’s I Feel Good. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul looked completely shocked while Randy Jackson actually encouraged him to continue.

Crazily enough, American Idol welcomed Leroy Wells back for a second audition in 2014, even after the bizarre first time he appeared and his criminal problems after that appearance.

He said in the new audition that he was smarter and wanted to prove that he was returning stronger. He said he had a new gospel album at the time and wanted to show he had become a different person.

American Idol will return to ABC on February 27, 2022.

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