Farrah Abraham undergoes lip-blushing procedure — see the results

Farrah Abraham red carpet Las Vegas, NV
Farrah strikes a pose for a red carpet event in Las Vegas, NV. Pic credit: ©

When it comes to lips, Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham thinks the bigger and bolder, the better.

Farrah is no stranger to altering her appearance.

The former MTV star has undergone a multitude of cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

Farrah’s latest procedure, lip-blushing, left her with an even fuller, more pigmented pout.

Lip-blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo done on the lips and along the lip line. It’s intended to enhance the appearance of the lips, often creating the illusion of a fuller kisser.

Farrah shared the results in her Instagram Story, showing her fans, followers, and critics a side-by-side before-and-after photo.

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham shares the results of her lip-blushing procedure

First, the 31-year-old shared a screenshot of a post shared by the permanent makeup artist responsible for the lip-blushing, Eve Chen of Melange NYC.

Farrah wore a pink bouffant cap on her head in the images and appeared to be makeup-free, with her face at rest.

In the “before” photo, Farrah’s already full lips were visible, though her eyes were censored. The “after” photo showed Farrah in the same position, this time with fuller, darker lips.

The caption on @melangenyc’s post read, “WHO LOVES PMU LIP BLUSHING ?! #pmu#permanentmakeup#lipblushing (Lips are still swollen from fresh session).”

Farrah gets glammed up for ‘special film project’

The caption continued, “My girl @farrahabraham was in town for a special film project, so we did a little lip blushing the night before to enhance her lips! Thank you always @farrahabraham ! Lip blush ink: @permablend_pigments Machine: @biomaser_official BOOK your appointment today! DM for pricing and info!”

Although Farrah didn’t mention what “special film project” she was working on while in New York, she shared a quick video of herself getting into full glam in her Story.

In the second slide of the IG post below, Farrah filmed herself in a salon cape as a hairstylist blew her hair dry with a round brush while a makeup artist applied eyeliner under her eyes. The song In Ha Mood by Ice Spice played while Farrah’s team primped her face and hair.

In a subsequent slide, Farrah shared a quick video of a stylist carrying some outfits in wardrobe bags. On the sofa behind her, several outfits were laid out, including pink, white, and purple dress clothes, some of which were satiny with feathers.

On the floor, seven pairs of shoes were lined up, including heels, boots, and platforms in various colors. Farrah tagged Wardrobe Stylist/Costume Designer Stacey Jordan.

In one last slide, Farrah shared the final results after undergoing her lip-blushing procedure, hair, and makeup, clad in one of the pink satin outfits with feathers on the sleeves. She posed inside a car and snapped a selfie with a serious expression as she pointed to her face.

“One year after my Trauma center & I’m back Flourishing more then ever!” she captioned the shot. “Back to set ! Thank you 12 steps!”

farrah abraham's instagram story slide
Farrah shared a photo of the finished product after lip-blushing, hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

It’s unclear what project Farrah is working on. She previously hinted that she would be making an appearance on Dancing with the Stars, although Season 32 isn’t slated to premiere anytime soon.

It’s also been rumored that Farrah will star in a reality TV show called House of Villains, although that, too, is just speculation at this point.

Farrah is often full of surprises, so stay tuned to find out what her latest glam session is all about.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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Kathy F
Kathy F
1 year ago

She trying to look like a kardashian? ?
1 year ago
Reply to  Kathy F

Farrah looks like a man is all.
1 year ago