Farrah Abraham under fire for allowing 13-year-old daughter Sophia to pierce her septum

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah and Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham allowed her daughter Sophia to get her septum pierced for her 13th birthday and critics slammed her for it. Pic credit: Farrah and Sophia/YouTube

Critics slammed Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham for allowing her daughter Sophia to get her septum pierced for her 13th birthday.

As Monsters & Critics reported, Sophia Abraham turned 13 yesterday. Farrah commemorated her daughter becoming a teenager with a grunge-themed bash, complete with a photoshoot.

Now that she’s a teenager, Sophia has been experimenting with her look, recently sporting purple hair and black lipstick as part of her new, more grown-up image.

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham takes daughter Sophia to get septum pierced for 13th birthday

Sophia wanted to add something more to her look and got a septum piercing with her mom Farrah’s permission. Septum piercings go through the bottom portion of the nose, through the thin wall of cartilage located between the nostrils.

On Wednesday night, Farrah took to her Instagram stories to share screenshots from Sophia’s piercing. In the first pic, Sophia posed with a close-mouthed smile, showing off her new piercing, which Farrah captioned, “Happy birthday my teen @sophialabraham.”

farrah shared a pic of sophia on ig stories
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

The next slide was a screenshot of Sophia getting the piercing. “@sohpialabraham Got her birthday wish,” the pic read.

sophia got her birthday wish on IG
Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

On Sophia’s Instagram, she shared a piercing video set to the song Are You Ready by BAD NINJA. Sophia handled the painful piercing like a champ, barely flinching when the needle pierced her.

“I got my septum piercing for for my birthday!!” Sophia captioned her post. “I am so happy with how it turned out! I am the first person in my family to get a septum piercing at 13!! Birthday wish came true!! ????.”

Farrah showed up in the comments of her daughter’s Instagram post and wrote, “SOPHIA THE FIRST ?♓️ the first 13 year old in the family to get a septum piercing! Birthday wish come true! Happy memories ! Love you! Epic 13!”

farrah's IG comment on sophia's piercing
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

Critics bash Farrah Abraham for allowing Sophia to pierce her septum

Despite Farrah’s enthusiasm for Sophia’s newly acquired piercing, critics weren’t so accepting and took to the comments section to sound off.

“No ma’am u only 13 smh,” wrote one of Farrah’s critics.

Another penned, “She to young for that wow no way I would let my child 13 to do this she is 13 to I wouldn’t.”

critics bashed farrah for letting sophia get her septum pierced
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

“Are you serious. A septum piercing for a #13 year old she still a baby. ?‍♀️,” wrote another critic who felt Sophia is too young for piercings.

One commenter felt that Sophia would eventually follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teen mom. They wrote, “Yeah and she’s probably going to be 15 &pregnant soon lmfao.”

In Farrah’s current state of California, it’s legal for someone under the age of 18 to get piercings with their parent’s permission, which seems to have been the case with Sophia.

This isn’t the first time Farrah has come under fire for her parenting decisions regarding Sophia (and it likely won’t be the last).

Last December, critics again bashed Farrah for allowing a then-preteen Sophia to wear heavy makeup and adult attire for their virtual Christmas card.

In November 2021, Farrah came under fire for “exploiting” Sophia in a video in which the then-12-year-old shook her behind alongside her mom, which critics felt was inappropriate for her age.

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