Farrah Abraham takes aim at Kim Kardashian’s legal work, reveals a ‘smarter’ suggestion

Farrah Abraham at Catch LA Restaurant in West Hollywood
Farrah poses on the red carpet at an event at held at Catch LA Restaurant in West Hollywood. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham has a suggestion for fellow reality TV star and legal aficionado Kim Kardashian.

Both Farrah and Kim are working towards degrees in the legal field, with the same goal in mind: becoming a lawyer.

Although neither of the ladies is officially a lawyer, they have both dedicated a lot of time to schooling. Farrah even claims that she has a law degree.

In response to a recent article from PEOPLE announcing that Kim paid off restitution and other legal fees for more than 50 mothers in honor of Mother’s Day, Farrah offered her legal expertise.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Farrah shared a screenshot of the article and wrote, “The smarter thing would have been to excuse the fees & clear the moms record.”

“Kim’s part in law allows women to keep paying a price they shouldn’t pay,” Farrah continued. “I’m glad I at least have a top credited paralegal certificate to know this much. (congrats to the mothers who didn’t know any better) you deserve far better assistance.”

Farrah didn’t stop there — in a subsequent Story slide, the former adult entertainment star continued to seemingly throw shade at Kim K.

“My probono work consists of clearing records and excusing fees, as I am going through challenging legalities due to my celebrity I truly know what mothers and fathers need to set them up for future opportunities, -Farrah Abraham PARALEGAL.”

This is the second time Farrah has taken a jab at Kim in recent weeks. Farrah fired back when she was compared to Kim for altering her appearance to look like the 42-year-old mogul.

“I LAUGH AT THIS.. if only the Kardashian’s watched @teenmom THEY WOULDN’T HAVE ENDED UP THE way THEY DID – Thank God I never went down the disempowered [Kardashian] way, living like fashion is an identity,” Farrah, 31, wrote in a recent Instagram Story.

Per her Instagram bio, Farrah possesses a “J.D LAW” degree, short for Juris Doctor degree, which “is the foundational law degree that an American attorney obtains before taking the bar exam and being sworn in as an attorney. Its purpose is to broadly prepare an attorney to practice law.”

Farrah has even claimed that other Teen Mom cast members have reached out to her to represent them legally.

In 2021, Farrah told a TMZ reporter, “A lot of my friends keep asking, like Teen Mom cast members keep asking, if I would represent them. I’ve been fortunate. I work around a lot of public figures.”

Farrah revealed that her areas of interest are entertainment law and IP (intellectual property law), involving areas such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

The former MTV star has been on both sides of the fence when it comes to the legal system too. She has been embroiled in lawsuits of her own: once as a defendant in 2018 after bailing on a boxing match and again in 2019 for allegedly failing to pay her legal bills.

Most recently, Farrah was arrested in 2022 after allegedly slapping a security guard at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood.

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