Farrah Abraham shares the medical diagnosis that caused her to repeatedly fail her drivers license test

Farrah Abraham poses for an IG Story selfie
Farrah poses for a recent selfie. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham opened up about the condition that caused her to fail her driver’s license test several times.

Since briefly reappearing during Season 1 of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Farrah has remained active on social media.

Recently sharing a Reel on Instagram with her 2.9 million followers, the 31-year-old mom to Sophia explained that she was diagnosed with a condition known as ptosis as a teenager.

In the video, Farrah shared side-by-side photos of her former driver’s license and her current one.

In the caption, Farrah noted that she had to retake her driver’s test four times and, at the time, chalked it up to being a “late bloomer.”

“I now know I have #ptosis which affected my drivers test, i just love I have the education and words!” Farrah captioned her Reel.

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham blames ptosis diagnosis for failing drivers test four times

“I now can see not only in me but others dna differences within shining outward,” she continued. “I love knowing I can help me and others.”

What is ptosis?

According to The Cleveland Clinic, ptosis is “a condition where the upper eyelid droops.” Some are born with the condition, while others develop ptosis as they age. If a patient’s vision isn’t affected and they aren’t bothered by their appearance, they may not require treatment. Others might need surgery to correct the condition.

Farrah didn’t specify whether she received treatment for her ptosis, but she’s certainly no stranger to going under the knife.

Critics recently slammed the former MTV star for her appearance, which they deemed “extra plastic.” In a recent selfie shared to her Instagram Stories, Farrah displayed a shinier and fuller-than-usual face, shocking her followers.

Farrah’s controversial behavior and career choices

Farrah is arguably one of the most controversial cast members in the Teen Mom franchise.

Fired by MTV in 2017 for choosing to continue her career in the adult entertainment field, Farrah has come under fire over the years for her behavior.

Earlier this year, Farrah was arrested and charged with battery after she allegedly slapped a security guard while out to dinner.

Shortly after the incident, Farrah announced she was checking herself into a trauma treatment center. After completing the trauma facility, Farrah announced a career change that shocked her fans and critics: stand-up comedy.

Farrah has yet to announce any plans regarding her career in the comedy field, but in her Instagram bio, she writes, “COMEDY TOUR SOON.”

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Forget that! Her medical diagnosis is INSANITY!!