Farrah Abraham puts ‘disempowered’ Kardashians on blast: ‘If only they’d watched Teen Mom’

Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham red carpet
Kim and Farrah pose on the red carpet at separate events. Pic credit: © Thompson/MJT/AdMedia

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham is speaking out against the Kardashians after critics pointed out similarities in her and Kim Kardashian’s appearances.

Never one to shy away from voicing her opinion, Farrah took to her Instagram Stories recently to share a headline of an article that compared her to Kim.

Farrah has gone under the knife numerous times over the years to alter her appearance, and some have said she’s trying to emulate Kim K’s look.

That was the case in a recent article that Farrah reacted to via her Stories.

Farrah’s story included a screenshot of the article, published by The U.S. Sun, headlined, “TEEN MOM TWIN Kardashian fans think Kim now looks exactly like infamous Teen Mom star after fans say mogul ‘went too far with surgery.'”

The article provided commentary from Redditors who felt Farrah was aiming to look like Kim with all of the work she had done and included side-by-side shots of Kim and Farrah when they were both sporting blonde hair.

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham says the Kardashians lived ‘like fashion is an identity’

Farrah added a caption that read, “I LAUGH AT THIS.. if only the Kardashian’s watched @teenmom THEY WOULDN’T HAVE ENDED UP THE way THEY DID – Thank God I never went down the disempowered [Kardashian] way, living like fashion is an identity.”

farrah abraham called the kardashians disempowered in her instagram story
Farrah says the Kardashians lived “like fashion is an identity.” Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Farrah signed the message, “AUTHENTICALLY, FARRAH,” adding, “I love my billions of times my face filter is used, i believe in anti-ageing health care,” referring to her “no makeup” filter on Instagram, which she seemed to imply was responsible for her changed appearance.

Farrah’s multitude of cosmetic surgeries and procedures

Farrah is certainly no stranger to going under the knife and the needle.

Among the surgeries and procedures Farrah has undergone are rhinoplasty (nose job), a chin implant (which she later had removed), liposuction, lip fillers, breast augmentation, filler in her derriere, and vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Most recently, in March 2023, Farrah underwent a lip-blushing procedure, a semi-permanent tattoo along the lip line to enhance the lips for a fuller-looking appearance. Farrah’s permanent makeup artist shared before-and-after pics on Instagram, seen in the post below.

Farrah poked fun at her ever-changing face in 2021, telling her Instagram followers that her phone detects nine different faces.

One thing Farrah doesn’t approve of, however, is others poking fun at her cosmetic work. Last fall, when a critic told her that her surgeries were “aging her quick,” Farrah accused the hater of “emotional abuse.”

“Go focus on yourselves and stay off the internet so you can figure out what self care is,” Farrah fired back in response.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently on hiatus.

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