Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable in new photo and fans are concerned

Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable.
Farrah Abraham doesn’t look like the same person anymore. Pic credit: ©

Farrah Abraham has fans concerned after a recent photo of her popped up online. The image was shared on Reddit, and it appears that the former Teen Mom OG star may have had more work done to her face.

In the thread where someone posted the alleged photo of Farrah Abraham, several commenters expressed their worry for the young woman. She has been living life in public for over a decade and has continuously changed her look.

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When Farrah Abraham debuted on MTV when she was pregnant with her daughter Sophia, she looked like a regular teenager. If you placed her then photo side-by-side with a new photo, Abraham would be unrecognizable.

Some of the procedures Farrah Abraham has had done are public knowledge. Now, there is concern that she may have gone too far. It appears that Farrah may have had injections in her face.

Some have speculated fillers, and others said she looks like she should be on the E! Show, Botched.

Comments on one of Farrah Abraham's photos.
Followers believe Farrah Abraham’s face looks messed up. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

There is also a growing concern for Sophia Abraham. Farrah Abraham has allowed her daughter to witness a lot of things many young girls wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

From some of her more provocative clothing to her social media battles, the little girl has been vocal about supporting her mother.

Farrah brings Sophia along with her most times, leading to some questions about her judgment.

No official comment has come from Farrah Abraham about the latest round of plastic surgery rumors. She has been active on social media with Sophia doing Tik Tok and filming other videos.

Farrah has shared her vaginal rejuvenation journey as well, adding fuel to the rumored work being done on other parts of her body as well.

A lot has changed when it comes to Farrah Abraham over the last decade. Not only has she parted ways with the Teen Mom franchise, but she also looks very different.

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