Farrah Abraham defends allowing daughter Sophia to get facial piercings after onslaught of mom-shaming

Farrah poses at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California
Farrah strikes a pose on the red carpet for an event at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Pic credit: © West/ACE Pictures

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham is firing back after her critics bashed her decision to allow her daughter, Sophia, to get multiple facial piercings for her birthday.

On Thursday, Sophia turned 14 years old and to celebrate, she had a piercing party.

Sophia got a total of six new piercings, including two snake bite piercings, which are double piercings on the lips near the lower corners of the mouth.

Farrah shared some video footage of Sophia getting pierced on Instagram, to commemorate her teen’s special day.

However, Farrah’s decision to allow Sophia to get multiple piercings didn’t sit well with her critics.

Farrah’s disparagers took to the comments section to let her know they disapproved of her parenting decision.

Teen Mom critics bash Farrah Abraham for letting her daughter Sophia get multiple facial piercings for her 14th birthday

Some felt as though Sophia’s piercings were a “cry for help,” urging Farrah to be Sophia’s parent, not her friend.

“As if you need 1 more [reason] not to be mother of the year,” wrote another critic.

farrah abraham's critics' instagram comments
Farrah’s critics slammed her decision to allow her 14-year-old daughter, Sophia, to get facial piercings for her birthday. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

Another felt Farrah’s decision was based on making herself feel like a “cool mom” in order to avoid being treated the way she treated her own mother, Debra Danielsen, with “disrespect.”

farrah abraham's critics' instagram comments
Farrah’s critics slammed her decision on Instagram. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

One critic felt that Sophia’s piercings meant she would be “heading down the same path” as her mom, who has made some controversial decisions over the years.

Farrah defends herself against the mom shamers

Now, Farrah is defending her decision and says she won’t allow mom-shamers to dictate her parenting decisions.

Speaking with In Touch, Farrah said, “I won’t be shaming my daughter. I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent on who and what she wants to become.”

“The mom shamers should recognize what some kids will grow out of and what they [will not],” Farrah continued. “That’s part of a teen journey, as I don’t have my belly button piercing anymore.”

“I have all the compassion for her as I wish I had as a teen,” Farrah added.

Farrah has defended her parenting decisions before

This isn’t the first time Farrah has doubled down on her parenting decisions. For Sophia’s 13th birthday, Farrah treated her daughter to a septum piercing and, once again, received plenty of backlash.

Farrah told TMZ that she would rather take Sophia to a professional establishment with sterilization protocols in place instead of Sophia sneaking off and having it done somewhere where she would risk getting an infection.

Farrah doesn’t give Sophia complete reign, however, regarding body modifications. When it comes to permanent ones, Farrah admitted she draws the line at tattoos, at least until Sophia is older.

Last year, Farrah chatted with In Touch about the possibility of Sophia getting inked after her daughter began asking about getting some tattoos.

“I’m not open to tattoos,” Farrah stated.

In a separate Instagram post this week, Farrah gushed over Sophia, whose father is Farrah’s late boyfriend, Derek Underwood.

Farrah thanked Sophia for teaching her how to lose the “parental ego,” which she called the “ugliest thing in this world.”

The former Teen Mom star ended her post’s caption with a touching message to Sophia: “Love you Sophia my superstar ? Enjoy your time ? Thank you for being my daughter.”

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