Farrah Abraham blasts Viacom for ‘wrongful’ firing as fellow Teen Mom stars join adult entertainment industry

Farrah Abraham red carpet Beverly Hills 2022
Farrah thinks she was unfairly fired from Teen Mom OG due to her controversial career choices. Pic credit: ©

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is speaking out after some of her former castmates joined the adult entertainment industry.

Longtime Teen Mom viewers will likely remember that Farrah was canned by MTV executives in 2017 after she pursued a career in porn.

Farrah’s ventures began with pornographic webcam shows and progressed to more vulgar X-rated videos.

Since then, Farrah has cashed in on the highly popular OnlyFans site, where content creators can sell photos, videos, and live streams to their subscribers for a monthly membership fee.

Following in her footsteps, several of Farrah’s former Teen Mom castmates have jumped aboard the OnlyFans trend as a way to supplement their income.

Most recently, Tyler Baltierra opened an OnlyFans account at the urging of his wife, Catelynn Baltierra.

Farrah Abraham calls out fellow Teen Mom stars for joining adult sites

The news caught the attention of Farrah, who took to her Instagram Story to fire back at MTV for firing her after she says some of her Teen Mom counterparts are basically doing the same thing that got her sacked.

Farrah spoke to her followers as a screenshot of a link to an article from In Touch was visible in the bottom corner, depicting herself, Jenelle Evans, and Tyler Baltierra.

“When fans sent me this about Teen Mom stars joining OnlyFans, I have to say, aren’t these the same teen moms who said I was going into adult entertainment?” Farrah began her message.

The 32-year-old former reality TV star continued, “The funnier thing is, I’ve never changed who I was. They’re on the same platforms that I’m on, yet I was the only one who got fired.”

“Maybe it was just politically charged for wrongful firement but in the end, we’re all adults, and we can be on adult platforms, right?” Farrah added. “So, I don’t know… maybe all the teen moms are switching to porn, and they’re all porn stars, but I remain the same.”

Farrah gave a wink to the camera before thanking her followers for joining her OnlyFans and making it “the top celebrity” account on the site.

Other Teen Mom stars are earning money on adult entertainment sites

In addition to Tyler Baltierra, other stars from the Teen Mom franchise have delved into online adult entertainment. Jade Cline, Briana DeJesus, Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus, Jenelle Evans, and Jenelle’s ex-fiance Nathan Griffith all have OnlyFans accounts.

When Briana announced that she was taking part in OnlyFans in 2021, Teen Mom viewers sided with Farrah’s logic and called for Briana to be fired from the show — that obviously never happened, however.

Apparently, the adult entertainment industry has proven to be a lucrative career side hustle for the Teen Mom stars. Briana claimed that she earned $10,00 in the first week she went live on OnlyFans, and Jenelle Evans has bragged about her earnings on the NSFW site as well.

Catelynn Baltierra was behind her husband, Tyler, joining OnlyFans, especially after he has taken his fitness to the next level and bulked up his physique.

How much do the Teen Mom stars earn for their NSFW content?

In December 2022, Catelynn talked about pushing Tyler to sign up for an account.

“I’m trying to get him to sign up for OnlyFans,” Catelynn said. “Boy, we could be racking in some dough. We’ll never have to work a day in our lives if you start OnlyFans.”

To give you an idea of how much the Teen Mom stars are earning from sharing their content online, Farrah charges $4.99 per month, Jade charges $25 per month, Jenelle charges $20 per month, Briana charges $10 per month, Brittany charges $20 per month, Nathan charges $10 per month, and Tyler asks the most with a fee of $30 per month.

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