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Fans slam Below Deck guest for saying ‘chicken is what poor people eat’

Guest Kari Klein on Below Deck
Guest Kari Klein complains about the chicken on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck guest Kari Klein ruffles the crew’s feathers on tonight’s episode after complaining about the chicken, resulting in one offended diner shrieking, “chicken is what poor people eat!”

Poor Chef Adrian Martin spent a good bit of time presenting his fare with a loving description of his deconstructed, fresh-perspective dish, aka, oven steamed chicken breast, and this is the thanks he gets!

A few bites in Kari clucks, “who ordered chicken?” No one is brave enough to ‘fess up to ordering the offending fowl. Finally Kari concedes, “it is good, but none of us ordered it,” in an off-with-their-heads tone of voice.

A cackle of insults follows, with someone stating the obvious, “It’s still chicken,” leading another imbibing guest to declare in a haughty tone of voice, “It’s chicken.” At this point we feel sorry for the maligned bird and hope he had a good life before his self-esteem and gizzards were roasted to a crisp.

Then the bombshell drops! Emboldened by the name-calling someone declares, “Chicken is what poor people eat,” to which a triumphant guest smugly replies, “You’re not wrong!”  Who are these people?!

The primary guest is Brandy Coffey, and to her credit she keeps her composure amid the bullying of the deconstructed chicken. The M/Y Seanna primary guest is a Sarasota native and manages The Coffey Group Fine Homes International and KW Island Life. Currently she’s also the Operating Principal at KW Island Life. Clearly there are brains behind the brazen beauty!

Kari — or “drunk Kari” as Second Stew Josiah Carter calls her on the episode — is a friend of Brandy’s and a real estate agent with Sarasota Home Specialists.

Nonetheless fans were not impressed with the distinguished guests maligning chicken as poor people’s food!

One viewer had the ultimate comeback to the sassy group: “I say an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure!!!!”

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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