Faith Martin reveals her status after The Golden Bachelorette speculation

Faith Martin on The Golden Bachelor
Faith Martin was one of the women rumored to be leading The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelorette still hasn’t been confirmed after an epically successful first season of The Golden Bachelor.

Despite that, Bachelor Nation is pretty sure the woman-led senior spinoff will happen.

The Golden Bachelor producers and even host Jesse Palmer have been open about their hope of making The Golden Bachelorette happen.

Just weeks into Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor, viewers even voiced their hopes of who might be the first woman lead.

The rumbles about who she be the first lead started with Joan Vassos when she left The Golden Bachelor early.

They didn’t stop there, though, with others hoping for Ellen Goltzer after Gerry sent her home in a surprising move.

The calls for a Golden Bachelorette lead got even louder after Gerry eliminated Faith Martin following the Hometown Dates and after he told her that he loved her and promised her family that he wouldn’t hurt her.

Most recently, fans have called for Leslie Fhima to find her special someone as The Golden Bachelorette lead.

Will Faith Martin be The Golden Bachelorette lead?

While no official announcement for The Golden Bachelorette has been made, it has to be coming soon.

After all, Faith Martin recently shared the casting call for senior men to compete on the show with The Golden Bachelorette named in the listing.

That had her fans excited as many thought this meant she’d be the woman these men were trying to find love with.

It turns out that is not the case.

Faith captioned her Instagram share, writing, “Any mature single men ready for this?? It’s an amazing experience unlike any other!! Why not?! Ya just might find love!! ❤️”

Immediately, a fan asked Faith if she would be The Golden Bachelorette lead, writing, “Are YOU the bachelorette?!?!” followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

Faith Martin reveals that she is not The Golden Bachelorette lead
Faith Martin answered a fan about The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: @faithsmartin/Instagram

Faith responded, “NO and I don’t know who it is,” as if she anticipated the next question.

The Golden Bachelor live wedding is still on

Before we get The Golden Bachelorette, we’ll tune in to see Gerry Turner marry Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor’s first live wedding.

Gerry gave Theresa his final rose in an upset after promising Leslie Fhima that she was his girl.

He seemed to change his mind after Theresa opened up about her work in the world of finance and her love of day trading.

The Golden Bachelor fans took notice, with many wondering if Theresa was making a wrong move and Theresa’s friends reportedly asked her to get a prenup to protect her assets.

With reports that the pair have been bickering ahead of their big day, Gerry and Theresa were loved-up on New Year’s Eve, and Gerry made it clear in an Instagram post about it that they are getting married in just a few short days.

The Golden Bachelor live wedding airs on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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