Exclusive: Ronald Smith denies reconciliation with Tiffany Franco, talks alienation from his kids

Ronald and Tiffany
Ronald gave exclusive details on his relationship with Tiffany, how he doesn’t want to be with her anymore and that she is keeping the kids from him. Pic credit: TLC

In an exclusive interview with Monsters & Critics, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and Happily Ever After? star Ronald Smith denied his wife Tiffany Franco’s assertion that they are trying to get back together and detailed how she is keeping the kids from him.

Ronald maintains that he is still with his new girlfriend Lauren and that Tiffany’s claims of reconciliation are false. The video he posted introducing Lauren can be found in his reels on Instagram.

It has been almost a year since he has seen his daughter Carley and Tiffany’s son from a previous relationship, Daniel, who he considers to be his son.

While Tiffany and Ronald are still legally married, Ronald contests that the relationship is beyond repair and that he is just focused on being in his children’s lives as much as possible and being a good role model.

Ronald asserted that when he talked to Tiffany yesterday he made it clear that he did not want her anymore, “because she had enough chances and I feel that she will just get revenge somehow on me and that’s why she was trying to get back in my life.”

Ronald Smith clarifies that he will never be in a relationship with Tiffany Franco ever again

Ronald stated during the interview that Tiffany, “is trying hard to win me back with promises upon promises and I just simply ask ‘Why didn’t she do all these things that she promises to do now? Why didn’t she do it when it matters?’ Now that I walked away, now she wants to do everything not to lose me.”

The broken promises he is referring to are Tiffany not following through with his spousal visa to come to America, and keeping the kids from him when she swore she wouldn’t. He called her actions “unforgivable” and said that he lost time that he can never get back with his children.

According to Ronald, Tiffany also broke her promises of forgiving his past mistakes and committing to moving to South Africa as well.

Ronald also contended that Tiffany told him nasty things like regretting that she ever had a baby with him and telling him that he was worthless.

Ronald went on to explain, “We both did wrong towards each other. I just feel I got robbed with being there as a father for my kids. I did not have a place in this marriage, from day one Tiffany listens to other people and listens to her mum’s advice and that’s why this marriage failed.” 

Ronald also maintains that he contributed way more financially to the marriage and kids than what was shown on TV or than Tiffany will admit to.

Tiffany and Ronald
90 Day viewers saw Tiffany and Ronald’s marriage deteriorate on Happily Ever After?. Pic credit: TLC

Ronald Smith alleges that he caught Tiffany Franco talking to another man during their marriage

Ronald also has contention with Tiffany after catching her talking to another man.

He explained, “About a year or two ago, I caught Tiffany talking to another man. I couldn’t get to read everything or see the profile, it was just something that I was able to see when I was able to log into her Instagram account.”

Ronald said that when he confronted her, it came out that she was talking to a guy named John and there were what he deemed “dirty” inappropriate messages between them. Tiffany said that she was talking to him because things were not good between her and Ronald at that time.

Ronald Smith detailed Tiffany Franco’s control of the kids and how she is keeping them from him

What is hurting Ronald the most is missing out on his children’s lives and having no control over when or how he can talk to them.

Ronald described, “At the moment I cannot speak to them. Tiffany has blocked me on every possible way to contact them and even before this blow out of [an] argument we are having at the moment, I rarely spoke to the kids. I only spoke to them when Tiffany has allowed me to speak to them.”

He continued, “Numerous of our fights [were] because I would be on the phone with Tiffany and she keeps trying to give me trouble because I moved on and keeps making it known to me how wrong I am and ‘how could I do this?’ etc. Meanwhile, she knows why I went and moved on with my life.”

Ronald went on to say, “I would literally hear Carly right next to her while we are on the phone and I ask her, ‘Can I speak to Carly?’ then she would bluntly say, ‘No, Ronald, me and you are busy talking’ and then I just have to accept it, carry on with the conversation only to be cursed at [and] bluntly being told what a bad useless man I am because I didn’t give her her way and she would hang up the phone [and] block me again.”

Ronald, Tiffany, and the kids
Ronald says he has not seen his children in almost a year and struggles to get phone time with them because of Tiffany’s resentment. Pic credit: TLC

Carly and Daniel are what is most important to Ronald and he proclaimed, “As for the kids, I will always be part of their life if Tiffany allows me to. I will always be Daniel’s father. I just feel that I can set a better example for them both when it comes to Daniel seeing how a man must be and Carly see how a woman should be treated even though it is from a different relationship [than] the one they are used to or supposed to only know of.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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Eleanor Beans
Eleanor Beans
2 years ago

I am so happy Ronald has moved on with his life. Tiffany was unreasonable and too degrading towards Ronald. Despite all his efforts, they were never enough. Tiffany is the reason this relationship failed. She was evil and too demanding. She didn’t know her place. She tried to wear the pants and didn’t do a good job of it. Ronald was an excellent father to the children and she used them as pawns. She’s evil!!!