Exclusive interview: Todd Hoffman on why Hoffman Family Gold is better than Gold Rush

Todd Hoffman from Hoffman Family Gold
Todd Hoffman from Hoffman Family Gold. Pic credit: Discovery

Hoffman Family Gold just started airing the second season a couple of weeks back, and already, we’re seeing huge amounts of gold, plenty of teamwork, and family conflict.

Those are the key ingredients to a hit gold mining show, and, according to Todd Hoffman, it’s the family aspect that makes his new spinoff even better than Gold Rush.

That’s a huge claim, too, considering not only the popularity of Gold Rush on Discovery but also because Todd is one of the original cast members and even was the one who came up with the idea for a TV show.

The first season of Hoffman Family Gold did pretty well, and the crew found a hefty amount of gold, but now they are dreaming bigger and working harder with their sights set on pulling out 1000 ounces of gold. And for those wondering, that’s worth nearly $2 million.

It’s a great goal, but, as Todd explained, they’re just getting started, so we fully expect them to hit this goal and come back for even more next season.

As Todd put it, there’s a lot of “pressure to succeed,” especially now that his name is on the show and he feels like this is the show to watch.

Here’s why Todd Hoffman thinks Hoffman Family Gold is better than Gold Rush

During our chat, Todd proclaimed his new show to be better than the original, and he went on to explain exactly why.

“In my opinion, it’s better than Gold Rush because it kinda goes back to some of the things, the elements from Season 1, that people fell in love with.”

Todd also discussed the pressure of having his name on the show now and stressed that fans of these types of shows need to tune in and watch.

Todd Hoffman talks about parenting and working together on Hoffman Family Gold

This season, Todd’s son Hunter is along for the trip, and he’s got a lot of ideas despite being very green to the family business.

Naturally, this creates a challenge for Todd, who has to decide just how far to let Hunter go as he pushes to be heard among a crew of veteran miners.

In case you’re wondering how real the show is as we watch it back, Todd addressed that.

“It’s real life. You’re seeing my son kind of really be negative and kind of attack me and things, and it’s like, to deal with that properly, I want to lash back [at] him,” Todd explained. “But to let him get it out, to let him see himself do this on camera this year, watching this happen… he’s seeing himself, and he’s like ‘okay,’ you know… it’s pretty negative right?”

Todd talked about letting his kids make mistakes and learn from experience and how he’s going to support them through it.

“The parenting thing is the hardest,” Todd said. “It’s not any of this other stuff. It’s your relationships out at the mine. Because if you don’t have a good team atmosphere, then you’re just an employee.”

Check out the rest of this exclusive interview with Hoffman Family Gold’s Todd Hoffman and see what else he had to say about his new show, the crew, and raising his family in the business.

Hoffman Family Gold airs on Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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