Exclusive interview: Keke Wyatt spills the tea on her new show Keke Wyatt’s World

KeKe Wyatt close-up press photo
Keke Wyatt stars in a new reality TV show. Pic credit: WE tv

R&B singer Keke Wyatt has been in the music industry for over a decade, but she’s not new to the world of reality TV.

She starred in the TV ONE show R&B Divas: Atlanta, and she was also a cast member on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in 2016.

However, now she’s an executive producer on the new show, Keke Wyatt’s World, set to premiere on WE tv on October 12.

The six-episode series will follow Keke as she navigates her demanding singing career and makes a return to the studio after a six-year hiatus. While known for belting out melodic R&B tunes, this time, she’s taking her music in a different direction.

Keke is a wife and mother to 11 children, and her large brood will be featured on the show along with her mom, Lorna, and her husband, Zackariah — a stay-at-home dad who manages the house.

With a new baby just added to her bunch, Keke finds this new path far more difficult than ever before as she butts heads with her management team about the direction of her career.

KeKe Wyatt’ excited and scared’ about her new reality show

Monsters and Critics recently sat down with Keke, and she teased what viewers can expect and why she decided to make a return to TV.

“The fact that I am an executive producer — one of them anyway — made me say, ‘Well okay, why not,'” confessed Keke, who initially noted that she doesn’t like being in an ensemble show.

This time, it’s just Keke along with her close friends and family, who she admitted were not happy about putting their lives on TV.

The mom of 11 understands why her kids didn’t want to do the show and admitted to having some trepidation as well.

“I don’t know If I’m excited or scared, I don’t know,” she laughingly confessed.

Keke Wyatt reveals one thing that was off-limits while filming

The always outspoken Keke is known for speaking her mind and putting it all out there. However, while filming the show, she made it clear that one part of her life would have to be off-limits: her past relationships.

“Exes and stuff. I don’t want their names put on… not your name mentioned, nothing! Go on somewhere,” she exclaimed.

Keke hilariously made it known that there’s no love lost between her and her exes and exclaimed, “You was a loser, been a loser, still a loser, probably gone always be a loser!”

Losers excluded, the vocal powerhouse and her rambunctious family, will no doubt keep viewers entertained when the show premieres in a matter of hours.

Check out our full interview with Keke Wyatt below.

Keke Wyatt’s World premieres on Thursday, October 12, at 9/8c on WE tv.

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