Exclusive: Ashley Michelle talks relationship with Manuel and how witchcraft helps her to live her ‘best life’

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Michelle
Ashley Michelle spills the tea on Season 10. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance Season 10 newbie Ashley Michelle has been getting a lot of love from viewers as her relationship with Manuel plays out on screen.

Monsters and Critics had an exclusive interview with the self-proclaimed witch to clear up some misconceptions about the term and to spill some piping hot tea about the show.

We’re seven episodes into the season, and a lot has transpired between Manuel and Ashley over the past few weeks.

After initially attempting a long-distance relationship, the pair broke up but reconciled years later.

Manuel later arrived in the U.S. to live with Ashley, but they were instantly off to a rocky start.

The Ecuadorian native opted to keep his departure a secret from his family, who assumed he was simply out of the country for work.

However, when he finally fessed up about his plans to stay in America, it was an emotional realization for his mom and put Ashley in an awkward position.

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Michelle shares her initial reaction to Manuel’s secret

90 Day Fiance viewers had major reactions to Manuel’s decision to keep his big move a secret, but how did Ashley respond?

“To say that I was concerned is an understatement…” she confessed. “I think my first reaction is, ‘Why? Why aren’t you saying anything? Does it have to do with me? Are you nervous about leaving them?'”

However, she reasoned, “I can’t control anybody… If he’s choosing to handle it this way, all I can do is just give my opinion.”

We also saw Ashley and Manuel trying to hash out their issues in therapy, and it seemed like a good start, but Manuel made it clear he had no desire to go back.

“I’m happy he at least tried it,” admitted Ashley. “I think we got something out of it. The therapist was very, very nice, and she did give us some sound advice.”

However, the Rochester, New York native teased that the conversation is not over yet, and we’ll see that in the upcoming episodes.

Ashley Michelle wants to demystify the stigma around witchcraft

One of the things that caused some chatter among 90 Day Fiance fans was Ashley’s revelation about being a witch, but she wants to demystify the subject.

She told us, “One of the main reasons why we decided to do the show was to kind of get rid of this stigma around witchcraft and spirituality and recognize that witchcraft and spirituality can go hand in hand.”

“It’s a way of life,” explained the 32-year-old. “This is how I work with my emotions…my relationships. This is how I do my work. I use astrology, I use tarot, I do protection magic…It just helps me live my best life.”

Check out our full interview with Ashley Michelle below.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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