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Exclusive: Ashley Martson, Cortney Reardanz not filming with Bachelor In Paradise guys during Dominican Republic trip

Ashley Martson and Cortney Reardanz
Ashley Martson and Cortney Reardanz clearly had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Martson and Cortney Reardanz went wild on their celebrity trip to the Dominican Republic and quickly, videos of the two partying hard with Kamil and Christian Estrada of Bachelor In Paradise fame started circulating the internet.

It didn’t take long for reports that the wild partying was actually for a new reality TV series in the works that would feature Ashley, Cortney, and the BIP men, and that the working title of the show was “Bachelorettes in Paradise.” It seemed questionable since there was no mention that it was affiliated or produced by anyone connected to the Bachelor franchise.

Now, we’re learning that there was no filming going on in the Dominican Republic and that there may actually not be a reality show featuring Ashley, Cortney, Kamil, and Christian.

In researching this “upcoming reality show,” Monsters & Critics reached out to someone who was actually on the trip for information. And what we learned is that there was no filming going on at the Wyndham V Heavens

“I did not see any camera crew or TV production on the trip,” Domenick Nati told Monsters & Critics exclusively. “I did hear interest among the group of starting a new reality show, but nothing was in production that I saw. However, I do think the dumpster fire that is Ashley’s dating life would make good TV.”

When asked why the new TV series story even came out, Nati responded, “I think people didn’t like that Ashley was the focus on your article so they made up their own.”

While the Dominican Republic trip did produce plenty of reality series-worthy footage, there is no indication that this group is actually filming anything. Instead, it looks more like they would like to be filming and are hoping that someone will be interested in picking them up to do a show together.

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