Exclusive: 90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson gets steamy with Bachelor in Paradise hunks on sizzling Caribbean vacation

Ashley Martson with Kamil Nicalek and Christian Estrada
Ashley Martson from 90 Day Fiance was spotted partying it up with Kamil and Christian from Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC/TLC/ABC

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson has been getting steamy with Bachelor in Paradise hunks Kamil Nicalek and Christian Estrada on a sizzling getaway to the Dominican Republic.

The trip saw fans and celebrities head to a plush adults-only resort on the sun-drenched Caribbean island — and while several 90 Day Fiance cast members dropped out last minute, the party definitely went on without them.

Ashley did end up heading out for some fun in the sun along with Before the 90 Days’ Cortney Reardanz, celebrity publicist Domenick Nati, Bachelor in Paradise’s Kamil and Christian, and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Antonio Velaz. The trip was organized by Travel by Jen, whose information for booking further trips can be found on Instagram.

Around 40 fans are said to have shown up for the trip in total, which isn’t too bad considering how quickly it was all put together and how many 90 Day Fiance cast members backed out because of current filming obligations.

Those who didn’t go on this trip probably wish they had now as stories are leaking from the Wyndham v Heavens resort in Puerto Plata and, to borrow a phrase from new 90 Day Fiance cast member Robert, the party is lit.

When it comes to who is having the most fun, it’s pretty clear from video and photos shared with Monsters & Critics that Ashley Martson is having a blast.

Ashley Martson kisses Christian Estrada from Bachelor in Paradise
Ashley Martson kisses Christian Estrada on the cheek at the resort’s Disco club. Pic credit: Domenick Nati

As the Dominican Republic trip winds down, the group spent Wednesday evening together at the Disco inside the Wyndham v Heavens resort. While on the dance floor, Ashley was seen dancing and grinding up against both Kamil and Christian Estrada.

Photos also showed her kissing Christian on the cheek, and cuddling up to Kamil at the bar.

Ashley Martson and Christian Estrada
Ashley and Christian seem cozy together on the dance floor. Pic credit: Domenick Nati
Ashley Martson and Kamil from Bachelor in Paradise
Ashley Martson poses with Kamil from Bachelor in Paradise at the bar. Pic credit: Domenick Nati

Meanwhile, in one scene from the video footage, Ashley and Cortney both straddle Antonio Velaz as he lies on the floor. In another, Ashley can be seen gyrating against a stripper pole as Christian grabs her hair and pulls her face into his crotch, while in a third clip Ashley is dancing between Kamil and Christian and all three of them look very comfortable with each other.

While Ashley is said to have gone to bed alone on Wednesday night, according to celebrity publicist Domenick Nati, that wasn’t the case the night before when there had been a gathering of celebrities partying in Christian’s room.

“She left Christian’s room and went to Kamil’s room,” Nati told Monsters & Critics exclusively. “There’s a group text that they are in and someone showed me messages of Kamil making jokes with Ashley about sex the night before.”

Who knows what exactly went down behind closed doors, but based on the videos of the three of them together on the dancefloor it certainly looks like Ashley is friendly with both Christian and Kamil.

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