Everything we know about 1000-Lb. Best Friends, TLC’s newest show about losing weight

TLC 1000-Lb. Best Friends Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross share their weight loss journey.
1000-Lb. Best Friends Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters may be feeling sad now that the show is on hiatus with no updates on when or if it will return. To help fill the void, TLC has announced a new show called 1000-Lb. Best Friends.

Loosely inspired by the Slaton sisters, the show will follow four overweight friends who dream of losing weight and improving their lives. They decide to work together to keep each other motivated and accountable along the way.

The show highlights the importance of friendship and having people in your corner to support your goals and dreams. It also shows that even when multiple people have a similar goal, personalities can clash and cause some drama.

Meet the cast of 1000-Lb. Best Friends

Leading the friend group is Meghan Crumpler who TLC fans may remember seeing on the series Too Large which premiered at the end of last year. She weighed in just under 600 pounds before getting approved for weight-loss surgery. Although she has lost over 150 pounds since then, she still has a significant amount to lose before hitting her goal weight.

Her best friend since junior high, Vanessa Cross also appeared on Too Large. The ladies had a goal to have surgery together, however, Vanessa was unable to lose the amount of weight needed to be approved. She struggled with finding healthy alternatives to her favorite foods and just felt defeated. She believes with the help of her friends she will be successful this time.

Meghan and Vanessa then recruited their friend Ashely Sutton, who previously had surgery but has since gained back her weight. She is now hoping this second time will be the last time she goes on this journey. Lastly, they ask Tina Arnold to join their group. While she is eager to shed pounds, she is not comfortable with surgery. She hopes to lose weight without any medical assistance.

The women are all hoping to drop the pounds and add confidence so they can show up to their high school reunion as better versions of themselves.

The show is not just about losing weight

While losing weight is the main goal of the show, it’s also about the women breaking out of their comfort zones. They all desire to get out more, to move their bodies in different ways, and to do things they’ve always been too afraid of trying. The women no longer want to be held back by their weight.

Viewers will see them traveling, visiting the water park, camping, and trying new dance and exercise classes. Along the way, they will share personal moments during therapy sessions, doctor’s appointments and confessions about their fears and struggles.

When describing details of the show in a press release, Howard Lee, who is the President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, had this to say: “This show is about weight loss and leading a healthier lifestyle just as much as it is about a tight-knit group of girlfriends that love to have a good time. By the end of the first episode, viewers will be asking themselves if their friend group has a Vanessa, a Meghan, a Tina, or an Ashely.”

1000-Lb. Best Friends premieres Monday, February 7 at 10/9c on TLC and will be streaming on Discovery+.

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