Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams talk for first time in 5yrs on Basketball Wives

Jennifer Williams talking to Tami Roman on Basketball Wives
Jennifer Williams on tonight’s Basketball Wives, in which she talks to Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams speak for the first time in five years on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives.

The former besties have not talked ever since they fell out on Season 4 in 2012, with a string of on-air altercations including one where Evelyn leapt across a table and attempted to attack Jennifer.

It came after Evelyn accused Jennifer of not being supportive when she began dating NFL star Chad Johnson, who she later married before the pair divorced just months later.

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The rift ended up causing Jennifer to leave the series.

However, on this week’s Basketball Wives the pair finally meet again in a bid to put their issues behind them.

Watch footage from the episode below as Jen hints to co-star Tami Roman that she would be willing to meet, but still expects an apology from Evelyn.

When Jennifer asks if Evelyn has changed, Tami tells her: “I would say that I think it’s a different Evelyn. She’s learned how to fine-tune her anger and her pop-off.”

She adds in an interview with producers: “I don’t know if Evelyn has changed. What I do know is that we have decided to move past our differences and I think she can do the same with Jen.”

Asked by Jennifer if she would throw a bottle, Tami says: “No, she’s not going to throw a bottle. I think that girl’s gone.”

Jennifer tells producers: “Evelyn and I have not spoken…it’s been, five years I think…but we had some amazing times in Miami. But then my friendship with Evelyn pretty much crumbled.

Evelyn was evil back in the day but the fact that Evelyn and I don’t have a relationship it actually makes me really sad because her and I had our own separate friendship before we even met any of these ladies, so I feel like we kind of just grew up together.”

She tells Tami: “Her and I have all this history, and it goes back for years. I just feel like my life has gone on, hers has gone on, I’m in a different space. You know, it’s just…whatever.”

But she also admits she’s not going to just let the past go, adding: “I feel like her ass needs to apologize.”

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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