Evelyn and Jackie clash at magazine cover party on Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives Evelyn
Evelyn is unimpressed with what she’s heard Jackie has been saying on Basketball Wives

This week on Basketball Wives, Evelyn and Jackie’s feud continues and things get heated as they meet up at a party.

Prior to the party, Evelyn tells Shaunie that she heard Jackie has been throwing shade on Saniy’yah by saying she’s not the kind of woman that she wants to hang around with.

Bonnie-Jill arrives and since she was apparently present when Jackie was mouthing off, Evelyn asks her about it.

BJ confirms what Jackie said
BJ confirms what Jackie said

BJ says that Jackie did say Saniy’yah could be a liability, though now they seem like besties.

Evelyn seems in a mood to get messy and she ready to talk to Jackie about what she’s being saying.

You can be sure tensions are going to be high at this get together.

Also on this episode, Malaysia spends some time with her kids and tries to get a little normality into her busy life. Though later she also comes under attack from the other women for not having any substance!

Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9 Pm on VH1. 

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