Ethan Kang calls out ABC for lack of Asian representation after Bachelor-snub 

Ethan Kang
Ethan Kang appeared on The Bachelorette Season 19. Pic credit: ABC

Ethan Kang spoke about representation after Zach Shallcross was announced as the next Bachelor. 

Some viewers were disappointed in the franchise’s choice to have Zach as Bachelor since it seems to be more of the same, and Ethan appeared to agree that ABC missed a great opportunity for Asian representation. 

Ethan showed humor and personality while on The Bachelorette Season 19, and viewers felt he would’ve made a good Bachelor. 

The Bachelor franchise has often been criticized for its storied history of lacking representation and diversity. 

After not being chosen, Ethan expressed feeling bummed while also thanking Bachelor Nation for their support. 

Ethan also appeared to have no bad blood towards Zach as he rooted for him to find a wife. 

Ethan Kang calls out ABC’s ‘far too common’ issue 

Ethan Kang took to his Instagram Stories to reshare one of his tweets and add further comments. 

The Bachelor Nation star’s tweet read, “I love Zach but ABC lacking Asian Representation seems to be far too common.” 

Ethan added over the tweet, “ABC at it again! No Asian representation out there. #aapi.” 

Ethan Kang's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Sharing his appreciation for his fans, Ethan posted a photo of himself at the gym and expressed, “Hey, we tried. I’m just as bummed. What a ride nonetheless. Thank you Bachelor Nation for taking this guy in with open arms. Love you all!” 

Ethan Kang's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 star Jade Roper Tolbert posted that Ethan was robbed of the Bachelor role, and Ethan reshared her post on his Instagram Stories. 

Expressing the sentiments of many viewers, Jade wrote, “I wish @ethankang1 would’ve been the next Bachelor. The season’s slogan could’ve been Baby Back Bach. Haha. But for real, robbed.” 

Ethan Kang's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Despite his disappointment in not being the Bachelor, Ethan still shared a post supporting Zach and his hope that Zach’s journey on the show will end in an engagement and marriage.

Ethan Kang's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Ethan Kang reacts to Tino Franco’s downfall on The Bachelorette 

The Bachelorette finale delivered the drama after capturing the falling out between Rachel and Tino.

After getting engaged, Tino cheated on Rachel by kissing another woman. 

When Rachel confronted him, Tino exhibited odd and manipulative behavior, leading him to face backlash from viewers. 

Ethan also weighed in with commentary on the situation while calling back to one of his memorable disses of TIno earlier in the season. 

During one of Rachel’s group dates, Tino began to throw a fit, and Ethan declared Tino was acting like a “baby back b***h.” 

Seeing Tino’s behavior on the finale, Ethan tweeted, “That baby back b***h comment really aged better than I had imagined,” adding, “K fine I told you so.” 

Ethan Kang tweets
Pic credit: @ethankang1_/Twitter

It seems Ethan may not be the only man who’s not a fan of Tino, as several The Bachelorette Season 19 stars were seen partying at a club with a “F**k Tino” sign. 

Time will tell if Tino chooses to speak out amid the backlash. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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