Erika Owens answers wild questions about her time on Before the 90 Days with Stephanie Matto

Erika Owens
Erika used an Instagram video to answer the most frequently asked questions she gets from fans and critics. Pic credit: TLC

Erika Owens addressed the questions she most often gets from her Instagram followers about her time on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

The Season 4 star’s relationship epically did not work out with her ex-girlfriend Stephanie, but she did gain a lot of fans and critics from her time on the show.

Erika’s answers to follower questions painted a clear picture of Erika’s views about her time on the show and a little bit about what her life is like after.

Erika Owens answered the most-asked questions she gets from her Instagram followers

Erika made a video where she didn’t speak but did do a little dance as questions and answers were presented in captions on the video. The video aimed to address the questions she gets most often in her Instagram inbox.

She introduced the video as, “Things people ask me after being on reality TV.”

She captioned the video, “I get asked these questions every single day sooo here’s your answers y’all! Lmk if you have any more.”

Erika began her answers by presenting a question about if the show is scripted. She answered, “Nope it’s real.”

Erika went on to say that she doesn’t ever talk to Stephanie, will not ever appear on TV again, and said that she hasn’t hooked up with all her friends like it came across on TV, that it was just one friend.

Erika also cleared up that she did not leak the Tell All drama but rather it, “was hosted on YouTube and left public.”

Erika Owens was not prepared for all the negative attention she has received since being on Before the 90 Days

Erika and Stephanie were the first LGBTQ+ couple on the show and they both received a certain level of hate just based on that fact alone.

Their edit also painted as a very angry and turbulent relationship between her and Stephanie which drew in a lot of criticism as well.

Erika talked about how hard it has been for her to cope with the relentless haters and how she wishes people would just keep scrolling instead of taking the time to send her negative comments.

She has called out the people that troll her on the internet and has been vocal about feeling overwhelmed by the hate.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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