Erika Jayne stuns RHOBH viewers after telling Crystal Minkoff to use laxatives

Erika Jayne leaves fans stunned as she tells Crystal Minkoff to take a laxative
Erika Jayne stuns RHOBH viewers after telling Crystal Minkoff to use laxatives. Pic credit: ImageCollect

Twitter was in an uproar after the airing of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode titled The Weight of Words. Viewers were stunned that Erika recklessly told Crystal Minkoff to use laxatives instead of making herself throw up. 

The Beverly Hills ladies were all attending Diana’s Christmas party. Garcelle arrived in a beautiful gold sweater. She complimented Crystal on her outfit and told her she looked “beautiful and really thin.”

Crystal protested saying she’s not thin and that she hasn’t been feeling good about herself.

To encourage her, Garcelle told her to take the compliment in and “just say thank you.” Crystal thanked her for saying that, sharing that she has been having a hard time loving herself.

Erika asked Crystal about her mental state. She answered that the holidays were triggering for her.

Garcelle said she understood because “it’s a lot of food” and Crystal agreed. Minkoff added she has been going out every night and getting triggered more. 

Trigger warning: this article mentions habits surrounding eating disorders.

Erika suggests to Crystal take laxatives and get rid of it

Erika Jayne and Crystal Kung Minkoff on The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls
Erika Jayne tells Crystal Minkoff to use laxatives. Pic credit: Bravo

During their conversation, Erika said she was curious and asked if she could be very ignorant and ask some questions. She asked Crystal “Is it [that] you eat it and feel guilty, or you deny yourself eating it?” 

Crystal shamefully replied that she eats and feels bad. She went on to explain that she can’t be with the food, she “can’t hold it.”

Garcelle empathized with Crystal, giving her words of encouragement, while Erika carelessly said, “Well, I always think take laxatives and get rid of it.”

Both the Haitian native and Minkoff stood in silence for a few seconds, left speechless by Erika’s comment.

In her confessional, the Love Me As I Am author says in disbelief, “A laxative? She has an eating disorder! Erika is not a doctor, and you don’t prescribe laxatives to someone with an eating disorder.”

Garcelle concluded matter-of-factly, “It’s really the most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate time.”

Garcelle got pulled away by Kyle at one point, leaving Erika and Crystal to continue their conversation. At which point, Erika asked Crystal what happens when she purges. Crystal explained that it made her feel better and that it was like a release. 

Erika Jayne may have triggered Crystal Minkoff with her comments

The Pretty Mess singer continued her line of questioning, asking Crystal if she enjoys it when the food goes down. Crystal says yes, not shying away from the conversation. She even tried to explain the guilt she feels while eating, and why she wants to get it out of her body.

But Erika interrupted her to double down with this statement, “I’m going to be really gross right now, whereas you would vomit it up, I would rather poop it out.”

A shocked Crystal responded, “Oh right.”

In her confessional, she questioned Erika’s motives. She asked, “Is she trying to be helpful, or has she had a couple too many drinks?”

After Erika’s incident with Garcelle’s 14-year-old son at her birthday party, Beauvais had said that Erika was drinking too much and shouldn’t be mixing pills with alcohol. 

Back to Diana’s Christmas party, where we think Erika is finally coming over to the light. She asked Crystal if she sought treatment for her eating disorder. Crystal doubts if anything would come of it. The Pretty Mess author told her “a better Crystal will come out of there.” 

However, things went left the very next second. A waiter approached the ladies with a tray of finger food. Crystal went toward him but Erika stopped her dead in her tracks as she yelled while laughing, “You can’t have this! It’s a chicken finger.”

An embarrassed Crystal walked away saying she won’t eat, while Erika went to the bar to get yet another drink. 

RHOBH viewers are stunned after Erika’s hurtful and insensitive comments towards Crystal

Many fans took to social media to express their shock and disbelief at Erika’s careless behavior and insensitivity.

One user wrote, “From telling Crystal who was opening up about her eating disorder, to use a laxative to get rid of the food instead of throwing up, to teasing her that she can’t have a chicken tender, EJ has reached a new low I didn’t think was possible.”

@thebravobabe tweeted, “I’m speechless @ what Erika said to Crystal. It felt so dark. Like telling someone how to use drugs for the first time energy.”

Erika Jayne may have triggered some viewers battling an eating disorder

Some vieweres pointed out that Erika not only triggered Crystal, but may have also triggered other viewers battling an eating disorder. They are furious about it.

One fan twitted: “Not only did Erika trigger the f***k out of Crystal, who knows what impact her sh***ty behavior had on viewers struggling with ED. Shame on bravo for that half a** psa at the end. She deserves nothing but hell the rest of the season #RHOBH.”

Erika Jayne called out after latest episode of RHOBH
Pic credit:@yallimtired_

Other viewers questioned if Erika seriously denied Crystal a particular food after she had just opened up to her about her demons.

 Another fan asked, “Did Erika just say Crystal can’t have a chicken tender?”

RHOBH viewers want Erika Jayne held accountable for her actions this season

Many viewers agreed that there is no excuse for Erika’s behavior at this point. Even saying, some people, like Tom Girardi’s victims, have it way worse than Erika and do not get a pass.

Real Housewives Guru tweeted, “Erika encouraging Crystal to take a laxative, so she doesn’t have to make herself vomit her food is one of the worse things ever said in Housewives history.”

RHOBH fans call out Erika Jayne on Twitter
Pic credit: @RHOGullLake/Twitter

In the RHOBH mid-season teaser, we saw that Crystal will hold Erika’s feet to the fire. She will demand answers on why Erika Jayne refuses to acknowledge the victims. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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