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Eric Nichols shows off savings account balance, proving he can afford Larissa Lima’s new boobs

Larissa is all smiles that Eric agreed to foot the bill of her new boobs. Pic Credit: TLC

Larissa has never been shy about her love of plastic surgery and she asked boyfriend Eric to help pay for “accomplishing her dream” on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily after?.

The surgeries she considers essential to “her satisfaction as a woman” are over $25,000 and Larissa claims he can afford it.

Turns out he can. The young homeowner flaunted his ATM bank receipt and it totaled a little over a quarter-million dollars.

Eric’s past actions play a role in her self consciousness

After Larissa gave birth, her self confidence tanked. She claimed that she doesn’t get naked in front of Eric because her boobs “don’t look good.”

In a dig at Colt, she says she didn’t care with him because he was fat. With Eric, she feels happier and wants to be what he desires.

The relationship failed in the past due to their lack of intimacy and Larissa convinces Eric that the confidence from the new boobs will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

It doesn’t help that Larissa can guilt-trip him by reminding him that he said disrespectful things about their sex life that really affected her self confidence.

Obviously, she didn’t make him feel that bad because Eric is ensuring she signs a contract with strict conditions to ensure she doesn’t run away to Brazil with the new boobs.

He emphasized that his agreement with Larissa will be well-documented and he made sure to include that her payments will come with added interest.

He proved he actually can afford Larissa’s surgeries

While going shopping for a home, it didn’t look like Eric’s frugal ways changed as he complained about the price point of everything. It made viewers cringe.

In an effort to prove that he can keep up with Larissa’s expensive taste. he posted an ATM receipt that showed he had a savings balance of over $300,000 dollars.

One of the reasons they broke up before was because he was cheap. Larissa wants him to prove that’s changed.

Some viewers aren’t convinced though. One user commented, “I used to take left over receipts from the ATM after I was done and brag to my coworkers.”

What do you think? Is Larissa right about Eric having money or did he pick up a random receipt at the ATM?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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