Emily Simpson posts epic workout video for the ‘haters’ who are ‘bothered’ by her dramatic weight loss

RHOC star Emily Simpson close-up
Emily Simpson has a message for the haters. Pic credit: Bravo

In case you’re wondering if the backlash against Emily Simpson had died down, the answer is no; people are still mad.

However, The Real Housewives of Orange County star is too busy keeping her svelte new body in tip-top shape to care about the critics.

Emily has been posting workout videos online, and for some reason, they’ve angered people even more since they believe she took the easy way out to lose weight.

The Bravo Housewife has fessed up to a little nip and tuck, plus a bout of Ozempic to drop the extra pounds.

She did all that after she finished filming Season 17 of the show back in 2022.

It didn’t just happen overnight, and the mom of three is working hard at the gym to keep her slender figure intact.

RHOC star Emily Simpson has a message for the ‘haters’

Emily is trolling the “haters” with her workout videos, and in her latest post, she also issued a message.

She commented on the backlash regarding her weight loss and made it clear that she’s now “feeling the healthiest, fittest and strongest I’ve felt in over 7 years.”

The RHOC star also revealed that she has more energy than ever and feels mentally and physically strong.

“I know you’ve only known me publicly for the last 5 years, but I did have an entire life before that,” said Emily. “I’m actually back to the size I used to be all through my 30s and early 40s.”

Emily Simpson has a suggestion for people who are ‘bothered’ by her weight loss

The video showed Emily rocking a sports bra and tennis skirt with sneakers as she worked on her arms and upper body.

“If you’re bothered by me, I suggest you take a good look at yourself and ask ‘why am I so bothered by someone I don’t even know?!'” reasoned Emily.

“I hope you find inner peace and happiness ❤️,” added the 47-year-old. “I’m just getting started 💪🏻💪🏻🤣🤣.”

Meanwhile, Emily’s message fell on deaf ears because the critics still had a lot to say.

“You conformed!! You were the one housewife I looked up to,” said one commenter.

“I have to unfollow you. I agree with others. Ozempic and lipo… you have not done this naturally. You are giving women false information,” said someone else.

RHOC viewers bash Emily Simpson
Pic credit: @rhoc_emilysimpson/Instagram

One person said, “I can’t.. between the surgery & the ozempic you should give these a rest cause pple will think this is attainable with just ‘hard work’🙄.”

Another added, “Just don’t throw your fat clothes in the trash because once you stop taking OZEMPIC, the weight will come back! It is a fact girl!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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