Emily is still defending relationship with Sasha with new throwback photo

Sasha and Emily on 90 Day Fiance
Emily has been busy defending Sasha on social media. Pic credit: TLC

Sasha has one of the worst relationship track records out of the Season 7 90 Day Fiance cast. He’s been married three times (assuming he marries Emily), and he has a child with each one of them.

Naturally, Sasha’s past has made him an easy target thus far as we watch the TLC series. Many viewers are under the impression that Sasha left one woman for the next, likely soon after they gave birth.

From what we know about Sasha’s relationship with Emily, the two were at least friendly when he was married to his second wife. Some seem to believe that it was more than just friendship, though, as the pair got more serious after Sasha got a divorce.

Emily tries to clear things up with 90 Day Fiance viewers

But Emily has been busy trying to correct timelines and the perception of her man. She’s even sharing receipts.

Just a few days ago, Emily shared a photo to her Instagram stories. It’s from three years ago and features Emily and Sasha way before she got pregnant with their son.

Emily captioned the photo, “Love this memory. I don’t think people realize that Sasha and I were living together happily for nearly 2 years before I became pregnant.”

Sasha and Emily on 90 Day Fiance
Emily and Sasha in a photo shared on Instagram. Pic credit: @emily.larina/Instagram

Sasha’s ex-wife vouches for Emily’s timeline

It’s not clear how long after Sasha’s divorce (or if it was even after) that Emily and Sasha began living together. However, 90 Day Fiance Instagram blogger and podcaster @fraudedbytlc was able to interview Sasha’s second wife.

And while she admitted to having her suspicions about Emily and Sasha before their divorce, she did not blame her for breaking up their marriage.

Sasha’s second wife also vouched for Emily’s timeline as opposed to Sasha’s first ex-wife Masha, who made it seem like Sasha was getting bored with one woman and then just jumping to the next.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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